Wife & Husband Shower Curtain Task!

Asking Help Doesn’t Mean Help Comes

If you need a shower curtain liner replaced, under no circumstance ask my husband.
Here’s why. He decided we should do this task together the other night. After 35 years of marriage, I should have said “No.” But I had a weak moment.

Being the kind of wife who is so understanding, I tore into the wrapper, ready to finish our chore. Hubby grabbed the shower curtain rod, and I should have taken notice of his pulling and removing of certain items. But I needed to leave the bathroom for a minute to take care of something.

Only seconds went by before I returned and what do I see, but absolute chaos. My grown husband is wrapped in the shower curtain like it’s a towel, and the old liner is around his shoulders.

Chaos Follows

As for the rod, he was letting those little circular clips slide to the floor, with the clinking of a stray one in the tub, pinging.

So being the goal-oriented wife, I promptly banished him from the bathroom. He retreated with a slight smile, and a sigh of relief. I’m not sure he really planned to help.

Now this was not a hard task, and all I wanted to do was remove the old liner, and put up a fresh one. Which by the way, I accomplished in ten minutes once the bar was returned to its proper spot.

Now, if I ever need him to do other tasks, I should beware. I should have known that our doing a chore together was not in my best interest. Or his. Or just maybe, he did the messy job on purpose to escape. Hmmm…

Do It Yourself Sometimes

But all is well, the liner is in place. And Ray is probably thrilled that I’ll never ask him to do this again.

And if you want to know how many tasks he’s asked me to help him with over the years, you know, the ones that didn’t work out. Well, you won’t read about them in this post.

We All Have Faults

Because my list is too long and filled with scrambled things, a few scars and a broken bone. Yes, I fell on hubby once while roller skating (years ago), and he broke his elbow.

But that’s another story for another day!

You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye,

and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

Matthew 7:5 ESV


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