When Girls in Rehab Have Church

I introduced a new worship song today at the center, one by an artist who sings with Toby Mac, and one of my girls heard this song from her daughter right before getting arrested and coming to rehab. She wept the entire length of the song.

Some of our worship comes with gospel greats (I call them that) and dancing for the Lord seemed to take place today. We swayed. We clapped. We lifted our hands. We nearly pulled a muscle for the Lord, or that would be me since I’m older.

We have discovered we can be silly, sane and sober before the Lord, and joy rises up in our worship along with praise, admiration, and awe.

One of my girls shared the good news of getting her daughter back in her life, and she’s on the right track to moving toward this goal.

Another hugged me, and said, “You know my mom. She told me to come to church. I’m so happy to meet you.”

Another praised God for her redemption in Him.

Another cried, her face redder than a ripe tomato and she sobbed with every word I shared during our Bible teaching time. I’d pray with her after service, her heart ready to burst, her head filled with new thoughts as she’s shedding her “old self”,  and she longs for the days ahead, but misses her family.

Another hugged me so tightly, as she wants to be home with her mom after Grandma died, and she hung on my shoulder for what seemed like days.

Another is counting down the days. Ready to find her new walk.

Another nearly lost control and had a melt down, as her family was coming for a visit. She was overwhelmed at the chance for them to see the new and renewed wife and mother she has become. She felt afraid, and hoped they recognized the changes in her.

Another had heard that last week she couldn’t make a phone call. But later that day, she learned she won an incentive and got to make the very call to her daughter that hours prior, she couldn’t make. She praised God for the change of plans and for His favor.

Another girl sang a duet, and she is going home. She said it’s hard to leave behind such great friends. She has endured so much, become a dear friend, and I will miss her. But I’ve witnessed the miracle of Christ saving her soul, and changing her life.

Another girl hugged me as if we’d become best friends, tight, perfect, and with a side-face squeeze. And a whisper of kindness, that felt like sweet syrup to my heart.

Another girl spoke of her joy, and said she’s never known such peace. Of course, she’s committed her life to Christ during rehab, and is obeying Him in those new steps of faith.

Another girl came to church who doesn’t usually come, and she even let me hug her, reluctantly.

I had studied a text for teaching my girls, but before we dug in, I shared a verse after this one resounding phrase kept coming up, “Let go. Let God.” Girls said it. Girls implied it. It was even a puzzle piece on the wall of the decoration in the dining hall.

So I took them to scripture in Psalm 27: 1 where it says, “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”

I only shared the one verse from this chapter, but a powerful one for sure, and the strength of this verse erupted like a volcano of power into our hearts.

Light! Salvation! All from God! With Him I do not need to fear.

He is the stronghold for my girls, for me, and for you. We do not need to be afraid. He is with us! With Him, we have His light and salvation in Him! And that is enough! With Him–WE HAVE HIM!

May we worship Him with all we know, with every sway or dance move, or with every word we speak. Yes! May we give Him glory in all we do!

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