When Breathing Stops!

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You never know how much someone loves you until you stop breathing!

I hesitate to share this, but I’m compelled to praise the Lord for allowing my husband to tolerate me, to love me, and to put up with me. But more than the above, I praise God for Ray’s faith, for he is rock solid! He lives his faith daily. And he loves me, period. But mostly, he serves God and wavers not in his walk or devotion or commitment to the Lord.

So when my scheduled oral surgery arrived, knowing I’d sleep through the procedure, I was not worried. It sounded perfect, just knowing I’d be groggy and medicated. It was a great plan, but I tend to deviate from plans. To rewrite the day! To add excitement in forms that cause memories for many! Just not fun memories!

Upon our arrival at home after the dental surgery, I darted from the car to the bathroom, not waiting for help, but Ray caught up with me. Now what followed next would be told to me later. Many hours later, when clear thinking rose up in me.

It seems I kept saying in the car that I was sick at my stomach on our drive home. And since I was heavy-headed and not quite myself from the anesthesia, this meant Ray was guiding my steps, and holding onto me. He watched me. He nursed me. He became a great caregiver to a not-so-obedient patient.

Once in the bathroom, I apparently tumbled sideways, my head landing on the wall and my neck stretched backwards. (At least I didn’t fall forward.)

Ray tried to revive me, tapping my face and calling to me. He checked for my breath and there was none. That’s what scared him, for he is sure I stopped breathing for a few seconds. He started to call 911, while at the same time … praying, “Lord bring her back. Let her breathe.”

He told me that those few seconds were longer than a zillion hours upon hours of time, all stacked on his heart.

But he cried out to God, his asking and pleading touching heaven on my behalf. And for that, I’m so grateful!

I can’t tell you how that makes me weep, even now. To think my husband loves me that much! To think he loves God that much, too! I’m overwhelmed at having such a husband! At such a gift!!

Gosh, I should be a better wife! I’m a lot of trouble when I’m not sedated! Just imagine when I’m my mouthy self!

As for that moment, all I remember is suddenly taking a gasp of air, and glancing into the eyes of my husband!! I had no idea of what had taken place, of passing out, of leaving him for a second, of causing a scare, until much later.

Needless to say, the doting and holding and glances from my sweet husband fell my way. It was rather nice, I’d say. But even as I write this, just today he said, “Don’t scare me like that…”

Of course, I was oblivious to the entire ordeal. I’m a person who doesn’t do well with anesthesia, so it wasn’t a surprise I’d be extra groggy and sick. Now the part of not breathing wasn’t expected at all, or the fact that I sort of had a seizure when I came to, except I don’t remember that, either.

After several doctor calls. After several hugs. After several times of checking on my clarity. Of checking on my breathing. And my well-being, Ray calmed down.

Goodness, I was calm the entire time, since the anesthesia had my brain in time-warp mode. But, I’ve come to realize how much my husband loves me. Not that I didn’t know this, but apparently I needed the reminder!

But oh, I hope when I need to “remember” how blessed I am, I don’t have to pass out next time!! Or hit my head on the wall! But the Lord does have a way of getting our attention. Or at least mine!

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