Wheelock Academy / Unknown Soul

IMG_0930 (1)You can tour this historical site, Wheelock Academy in Millerton, Oklahoma. There’s a cemetery there with markers that say, “Unknown Soul,” and I used this location to write about a doctor who lost his way, about an angel, Chula, who knows the way, and to introduce Shoelace, the hobo girl to her … oh wait, you’ll have to read the novel. It’s a secret!IMG_0942 (1)

The children, Choctaw girls once played in the water that dripped from this water tower. They attended school, and lived in the main house. Truth, tales, and touching stories from the girls made their way into the novel, along with the insight into the reason for a hobo girl and her traveling to Wheelock Academy.


Some of the building are long gone … but the history if very much alive!IMG_0919


The slide show below are more photos I’ve taken during the research. You’ll get lost in the landscape of this haunting place!



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