What is your Need?

Trusting God ... no matter how life unfolds.

What is Your Need?

“Pray for the truth to be revealed. The Lord knows what I need. He knows my heart.”

Those words slipped from her quivering lips at the end of a recent church service at the Recovery Center, after most had left our meeting.

She sought the Lord for answers. Her eyes red. Her nose running. And I was happy to pray with her, as well as another girl who asked for prayer, too.

Our praying together came after my teaching on Naaman, the leper, the man who sought healing but also questioned the approach to how the healing should unfold.

See, Elisha, the prophet, told him to dip in the Jordan River seven times, which Naaman thought was not a good choice. To Naaman, that river didn’t measure up since it was a dirty river, and not clear and clean.

When Dipping in a River Is the Answer

I’m a lot like Naaman, wanting a say in how healing should happen. And like Naaman, I can get upset and angry when answers don’t come as I planned for them to happen.

And yet, Naaman’s physical healing was right in front of him. But he got mad, thinking he was somebody important/special. He couldn’t believe Elisha sent a messenger instead of coming outside and speaking to him personally.

Thankfully, Naaman had some people around him who brought him to his senses. They were the voice of reason and thus, Naaman, even after showing himself angry and frustrated, moved to the Jordan River for his healing.

No Fanfare. Only Jesus Has the Answer. Or is the Answer.

When the girl in rehab came to me after service, it came with tears, with no fanfare, with no-show of needing to be seen by others. She simply wanted God to reveal truth in her situation.

And she kept lingering and seeking God, like dipping into His love, grace and mercy. Her friend did, too.

Sometimes, God answers in ways that seem beyond our reach as if the healing is flowing from different rivers, like enduring and testing. Like waiting and leaning. And yes, even persevering. God’s plan can be different from ours. And He’s so much wiser! Yet, we question Him!

In this world, we will have trials and suffering, so I pray we run to Him and ask for strength, and always—always may we pray to walk in truth! As we trust His method! And His answer!

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