Wet Pants Won’t Stop Me!

Thirsty Tonight?

I drove to Texarkana to love on some folks on the street, and to pass out 20 ice-cold sports drinks.

First, I met up with a couple of ladies sitting on the steps at a chapel. One had missed mealtime at the Salvation Army, but she had an apple that someone had given her. She was blistered, her red skin screaming with pain, as she had been walking all day.

Sitting next to her, I listened as she shared her last 24 hours; from abuse, to eviction, to her mom having her daughter, to worrying she was now being stalked. To not knowing what was next.

I prayed with her, including the other woman on the brick wall. And I lingered with her, until she abruptly stood and walked away. I tried to encourage her to stay but she was too nervous to remain.

My Thirsty Moment

I moved my car driving to another spot, and grabbed my soda when I got in the car, and shook it!

That’s right, I went goofy and gave the bottle a shake, and then opened the bottle. The Mountain Dew exploded in my lap like a waterfall. Thus, my jeans were soaked and sticky!

But I didn’t let my wet pants keep me from hanging out with my friends. Sure, one man pointed and said, “Ms Pam, do you have a problem?”

I shook my head. “No. Why?”

Yep, I explained myself more than once tonight and everyone thought it was very funny. Apparently, wet pants make a great topic.

But it was still a great night of being with my homeless friends. A dear friend shared how she talked with her daughter. And another man, I just met wanted a ride, but understood when I told him my husband likes me to wise. That I don’t give rides too much. Another one was happy when I remembered his name.

Wet Pants / Not a Hindrance to Sharing Christ

I visited with many, prayed with two more, and even had a chat with a man sitting on a stump. He seemed tongue-tied, and finally after the longest pause, he asked, “Did you notice that you’re pants are … wet?”

“Yes. I had an accident in the car.”

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to …”

“No. It was a soda. It exploded.”

Nodding he responded, “Is that what you’re telling everyone?” His snicker told me he was playing with me.

Smiling I offered, “Yes. It’s the truth.”

“If you say so.”

So the night included prayer, verses, and a fair amount of snickering, along with plenty of cold drinks. Except in my case, with my drink, I chose to wear mine. Which is why, I’m still thirsty!

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