Walk in the Alley on Purpose

I saw her in the alley and I was going the opposite way. So I drove around the block.

But she was only halfway down the alley when I drove back to that part of the street. And the car behind me didn’t like me inching along, so I went around the block, again.

This time she was right there. So I rolled my window down and she called to me. “Are you following me?”

Smiling I said, “Actually, it would seem I’m circling you.”

She leaned on the car door. “And why would you do that.”

“I need a friend.”

“I thought we were friends.”

“We are. Can I walk with you.”

“Sure. I’ve got nowhere to be.”

I pulled over, parked my car, and joined my friend. We walked the alley, laughing and chatting. And the stress of the day fell off my shoulders.

My friend asked, “If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?”

“I’d make this alley longer so we walk together —forever.”

My friend grabbed my arm. “That’s how heaven will be. We’ll be with Jesus. And the walk will last forever.”

Her words made me cry. Her depth of kindness and friendship exactly the medicine for my soul tonight.

My homeless friend left after a bit as she headed to the shelter. But I simply wanted to stay in the alley. To linger on her words.

And I did just that. My car was three blocks away—after all.

Then I saw another homeless friend and he wondered if I’d lost my car. He thought it was pretty funny when I said,”Yes.”

And the best part is, I walked with yet, another friend this evening. I suppose the Lord knew I needed to linger in the alley thinking of Him.

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