Waiting for the Perfect Day

For the person who is searching for perfect … this post is for you.

Man in Prison

Imagine prison walls shaking if we prayed. Imagine guards hearing the songs. Imagine the inmates listening to the creaking of bolted doors as they open. Those opened by a whisper from God.

Imagine the confusion at first, until someone realizes the man in the corner in the shadow of his cell is singing to Christ, like he’s free, as if the chains on his legs weren’t tight. As if he knew the God he called to in prayer heard his anthem of joy. A joy rising from a heart that is passionate and serving God — no matter where he sleeps, where he lives, or where he expects to die.

Woman in Her Own Prison

And then, there’s the woman at her home. She’s sitting in air conditioning. She’s not surrounded by the buzz of mosquitoes biting. She’s not stuck in the mire of grit and dirt. She’s two feet from her next drink of water. Three feet from her snacks. Maybe ten feet from her mattress. Her pillow. Her blanket. And yet, this woman sits in discomfort.

She feels alone. She sits in the corner of her cell-prone world, where life is anything but free. But in reality, she could move like a bird soaring for Christ if she saw beyond her life, to that living in service to God. She’s missing out on a view that comes from sharing Christ with others. A view of freedom like no other.

However, she’s shackled in the left overs of today and the unexpected list of never being good enough. In the what ifs, and the ugly conversations inside her head. She’s given God her list, and not trusted Him with His call on her life. It’s as if she’s in her cell, and the doors are bolted, and time is wasting away. She’s waiting for the perfect day. For the perfect feeling. For the perfect setting. For her life to fall into place before she praises God or worships Him.

Those Waiting to See

And then, those around her are waiting too, waiting for the trust to show up. For the obedience to rise up. For the singing to begin. For her faith to take action. They’ve heard she loves Christ, but where is the evidence?

I mean, just imagine if the woman (or man) on the corner prayed. Image she sang to God. No matter how she felt. Or what the day handed her. Imagine she fought to serve Christ despite the chains of worry, the sickness lingering, or the uneasiness lurking inside her heavy chest.

Imagine she simply took action and worshiped God. Imagine she did this simply because of Who He is and because of her love for Him.

Prison Doors of Hearts Opened

Yes, then the prison door to her own heart would fly open. People would see that her faith mattered. That it was real. That her service and passion for life wasn’t about the comfort or discomfort but that it was about Jesus, who gave His all.

So what has you bound? What’s keeping you from moving forward? Are you in prison? Or stuck on the sofa? Or lost in the dance steps of your life? Or are you behind locked doors that seem to be closing around you?

Well, God knows your name. And He’s not done with you. You may have wounds. Scars. Worry. And doubt. But inside you, Christ is offering mercy and grace and giving hope with each breath you take. He is your comfort!

Surrender your walk. And don’t hide. Instead, worship Christ in song and in praise. For He is worthy! And then … watch the shackles fall and the doors open and your heart explode with joy at knowing Christ. At knowing He’s called you. At knowing your belong to Him. Which happened by one whisper of His love for you! A perfect love like no other!

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth! Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing! ~~ Psalm 100:1-2

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