Victory in Rehab Even When Mocking Unfolds

When a friend in recovery, who had walls of doubt and walls of worry, and who is now trusting in God, and who is seeking Him for clarity and searching for truth in her Bible, who then tells of the victory; I rejoice at seeing the Lord work in her and through her.

When another girl weeps at how a friend invited her to church and she wasn’t coming, but decided to come and then found herself at the foot of the cross of Jesus; I cry and find myself on my knees, too.

When a new girl comes to me, who has gone through the recovery center back in 2009, who was thrilled to see me; I rejoice at knowing the Word of God will not return void and at knowing Christ still calls to the broken. Her fresh start and mercy with Christ is at hand.

When a girl who struggled with her peers misinterpreting her personality asked for prayer and then she wept for a chance to be a friend to someone; I hugged her and held her like a lost child who has come home. I let her know we’re friends.

When a girl asked, “Why do you look at me as if you see right through me?” I respond with, “I see who you are and can be in Christ.”

When a girl sobs through one of the worship songs, a song with lyrics that spoke of the girl in the crowd that nobody sees; I pray with her and challenge her to trust Him. I remind her how He sees her.

When a girl mocked me for my faith, I do not waver; it is only through such grace and mercy from Christ, that I can pray for her deliverance and salvation. I know how ugly I have been before knowing Christ. I know how much I fail even now. I know we’re all on a journey.

Oh, how I love my friends in Rehab. They cause my heart to beat with a pressing in my chest like a pounding that will burst. A pounding of hope for Christ’s mercy and grace is at hand, and I pray they hear His call to them. May they know they are ‘greatly loved’ by God. May they find strength from Him. May they find deliverance to stand, to walk, and to run their race in service to Him.

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