Two-Faced to One Voice

Steps to the Street

Out on the streets today, passing out toboggans and hand warmers, I met a giant dog who snatched a hat from me. He shook his head violently as if he held a toy in his mouth, slobbering and play-growling. His owner retrieved the hat, slipping it onto his head. “Thank you. It’s pretty cold out here.”

I learned the dog was called “Two-Faced” since his head was half-brown and half-black. Thus, his name.

When I first walked over to the five men, three of them left, almost like I was someone to fear. So I left hats, scripture cards, and McDonald’s cards for them, too. “Tell them I’m just a friend who loves Jesus.”

The man who wreaked of soured beer said, “We will. Thank you.”

“I just want to encourage you to trust Christ and to seek Him. He came for you.”

The man held his card and looked at it. “It was Christmas yesterday. His birthday, huh?”

“Yes, He came to save us from our sins, to redeem our lives.”

“I’ve heard that…”

“I pray He speaks to your heart.”

Steps to the Back of the Building

Later, I pulled up to a man who wiggled from side to side, his shivering from the cold, obvious by his movements. He stepped away from the back of the building. “I’m just standing here. I’m not doing nothing.”

Smiling, I responded, “You’re fine. I’m just standing with you.” Of course, I introduced myself and handed him a scripture card, to encourage him. And then a friend stepped up from the shadow, from behind the tall bush to my right. So I spoke to him. “Hi. I’m Pam.”

He shook my hand and I spent a few minutes with the two, and one asked, “You wouldn’t happen to have a tarp?”

“No, I often do, but not today.”

I went to the car to get some McDonald’s cards for them and since I was near Tractor Supply, I drove to it. And yes, that store had tarps!! Just for them!!

I paid for the tarps and an entire box of hand warmers, and my husband joined me since my path on the street came with plenty of friend encounters. And I was running late. But this allowed my hubby to meet my two new friends, too.

Steps to Speaking Hope into Lives

I love how the Lord’s name came up and we shared Christ with them. I love how M. and W. praised God for His concern and care. I love how we chatted with them like it wasn’t freezing. Where W. got to hear about the dog who snatched a hat from me and then he said, “I’ve known some folks who are two-faced but not a dog.”

We laughed with them and spent time with them, and they encouraged us in return. Goodness, their friendship felt like a one hundred hand-warmers to my heart, and then M. told us, “God is taking care of us. I know He is.”

Almost in unison, hubby and I said, “Yes, He is!” We suddenly became “two faces” with one voice, one that loved God!! But at least, we weren’t slobbering and shaking violently like that dog I’d met earlier!!

But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God. ~~ John 1:12 ESV

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