Twelve Years Sober / Now Serving Christ

A gem of a friend. Donna started coming to the recovery center to serve with me several years ago. She’s a former alcoholic and as of this year she’s not had a drink in 12 years. Her love for the girls is evident when she’s there, and they love her too.

Today the room was packed, filled with ladies in purple jumpsuits and yes, several new faces. And we gathered for church like we do each Sunday.

I have no idea what brings them to Rehab, but I’m grateful the courts have this option for them.

One of my girls greeted me with the best smile in the whole world. She had decayed and missing teeth and after many months of dental preparation and waiting, her smile lit up the room with her new dentures.

Another girl longed for a hug from Ms. Donna and asked me to make sure they met.

Another girl told me she dated my younger son, years ago in high school and she was so excited to be at the center.

Another prayed to open our service. But after I called on her to do so, I think at first, she sucked all the oxygen from the room.

Another girl cried from the moment she came to church.

Another was grateful for Christ and the change He made in her.

Another struggled at knowing her autistic daughter is abusing her medication.

She’s fearful she’s on the same road that she took, drug use and abuse.

Another praised God for her getting to see her family last week when she thought she wouldn’t have that privilege.

Also another girl had me pray with her. She’s missing her mom and her children. She’s sad and at peace at being at the center, but lonely.

Another girl prayed to hear from home. She’s not received a letter or pictures.
And Donna came up to share her testimony with the girls. And my heart was full.

I love where the Lord allows me to walk. I love the friends I meet along the way.

And I love the way Jesus Christ redeems lives, most of all!

Of course we spent time in our Bible learning about the time Moses went to the mountain top to meet with the Lord, to retrieve the Ten Commandments, only for the people to build and worship a golden calf. And to party at the feet of this calf. This is found in Exodus 32, and God was about to take out the people, but Moses implored the Lord to save them. And thankfully, God relented!

We do that, too. We turn our eyes from Christ, and we focus on ourselves, and we add “a little golden calf” in our walk and in our day, until we find ourselves no longer worshiping the Lord.

We can have trouble with our allegiance to God, and in some cases, if you’re not a Christian the idols become Satan’s distraction to keep us from hearing from God or seeking Him.

And those idols can be things like drugs, alcohol, and criminal behavior. We get caught in the broken cycle of celebrating and covering up our pain, of getting lost in the bondage of “idols” that ultimately will bring death.

But with Christ, He’s an all compassionate and loving Savior, and His wrath is real; but His salvation is intended to save us and rescue us and redeem us.

I love that not only does Donna celebrate her days without booze, but she celebrates the freedom in Christ she now has, the Savior who rescued her and saved her! And she serves him in ministry, too!


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