Trusting God When He Sleeps

Last Sunday, I shared verses from Mark 4: starting at verse 35. Now before you glaze over and say “I know this story” remember it is a true story. And it reminds me of how I need to relish and respond to storms in my life. And how Christ is the calm in the storm too.
When a lady comes to recovery it’s not because she’s facing a “calm” day. Life has unraveled. It has wrapped its strings of sin so tightly that eyes are blinded and hearts are worn and torn. The nights have gotten long. And now in recovery the quiet calm of living without the drugs and alcohol bring unwanted regret and clarity to one’s sin.
In the verses in the study I love the phrase where Christ says to his disciples,”Let’s go over to the other side.”
I must pause at that one verse and linger. How many of us have taken the wrong path? Or gone along the road without purpose, without considering if Christ would go that way?
I pray we …

Go where Christ would go.
Move from the sinful walk.
Take a new path.
Go to the other side with Jesus.
Then a storm arises on the lake and instead of singing “How Great thou Art” our disciples move into whining and worry.
At the center, one of my ladies did sing this song and she did so right after losing a family member to an illness and right after saying, “Pray for my brother he has cancer. Man says it’s over but God might have another answer. He’s my ‘Great God’, and I must sing about Him.”
With her song came tears and with her tears, another girl in recovery shared her song, too. She told us how the week before she wanted to give up and how unfair life seemed to her. Then she remembered how unfair she had treated her family by using drugs and sneaking behind their backs. She felt like God was asleep and not listening to her. She realized how wrong she was, and how He was calming her fears.
In our study, we spent time lingering on the verses where Christ is asleep at the stern and how fear crept into the hearts of His followers too, as their lack of faith rose up like waves crashing over the bow of the boat.
When Jesus is with us — we can rest and know we’ll not drown. Besides Christ speaks to waves and wind and they obey.

You can rest with Christ
You can find calm waters.
He is the One who speaks wit power.

One of my ladies announced, “I ran from God. And in here, I found Him. Or better yet, He saved me from my sin.”

May you go to the stern of the boat and look for the “Peacemaker” – He may appear to be asleep, but I expect He has one eye open for moments when you panic. He ready to calm your fears. To help you find rest for your soul.

… praying for you, Ms. Pam

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