To Solve the Phantom Killer Case or Not?

Get caught up with the “Annie Grace Kree Chronicles” before “Book Six” comes out this summer in 2018.

Annie Grace (aka: Shoelace) will solve the murders of the Phantom Killer from 1946, as the movie “The Town that Dreaded Sundown” comes out thirty years later. But what will it cost her?

As a small girl she encountered the killer, and her nightmares have haunted her since. She’s not sure being a messenger of hope is working for her. Some think she’s crazy. Others avoid her. But no one knows what to think when she prints her black and white photos of all the clippings and stories from back when she rode the rail, from the year when the Phantom Killer caused fear and panic in Texarkana.

So when she ties the photos to dozens of tree branches, climbs the tree, and sits, taking notes for her research; will anyone believe her when she sees the killer for real? Or better yet, when she remembers who it is?


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