Things I Learned in Jail

I know the title to this post is misleading and filled with a ‘word’ many don’t like, and that word is ‘jail’. But aren’t we in jail if we’re on bondage to sin? Aren’t we all in need of redemption? Aren’t we all struggling to sort through the pages of life?

For me, the days mingle between clarity and chaos. I’m an alien in many crowds. I think too much. I analyze every one’s moves. Especially my own. I wonder. I critique. I sort through things, and ask how and why and when. And I ask way too many questions.

But if you are asking questions about life, about God, about sin, if you worry, if you ask about your choices and pursuits, about the past, and about your future; then this blog is for you.

In May of 2009, I began serving at a recovery center where 100 ladies reside. On Sunday mornings, I hold a church service with the ladies. Yes, two hours. In a dining hall. We worship. We sing praises. We pray. We seek the Lord.

Sure, I teach. I love to share the gospel, and I love on my precious friends who are sorting through the questions of their own lives. They’re serving time in rehab and seeking guidance from the Lord and learning tools at the center.

My journey intersects with theirs, and I love to share what they teach me about myself, and also what the Lord teaches us through His Word.

Each week, we laugh. We hug. And we become friends. And we praise God and trust Him with new chapters of our lives.

And I pray that through this blog, which I plan to post weekly for you, that we become friends, that you ask questions, that you challenge me to stand firm in my faith. So in the days ahead, I’ll give you a peek into our Sundays at the recovery center and a glimpse of Christ and His grace, too.

So come along with us. Let’s take this journey together!

… Your friend, Pam

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