The Weapon of Friendship

Tonight my friend and I took a trek over a bridge, leaving our vehicles nearby and we walked to a spot to lower ourselves down the hill.

At the base of the creek, several homeless tents were stationed, and we were looking for someone specific. But I had no idea where she (now) lived in the camps.

The first tents we came to were empty. No one was home. So we moved along the trail and came to a tent at the end of an area. It was covered by by a tarp and surrounded by firewood. But this tent was closed up tightly.

Then, a guy who was inside, yelled for us to leave. He raised his voice, and offered a semi-threatening order through the tent walls. More than once. “I don’t know who you are. But you better leave.”

His demand came after hearing the (male) voice of my friend who was calling, “Hello, anyone home or inside?”

The guy from inside the tent sounded just a wee bit harsh, and he unzipped the tent, and stuck his head out to deal with the matter.

I grinned at him, “It’s me, Pam. You know me.”

He bent his head a little more. “Hi, Ms. Pam. I didn’t know who was outside my tent.”

“It’s just us. I want you to meet my friend, Phillip.”

Phillip introduced himself, and D. offered up a smile and then graciously gave us directions to find my other friend. And it turned out she was at the other end of the stretch, a good ways down.

So we continued our walk, and found a couple of other precious souls to fellowship with, to pass on some Valentine candy to–to laugh with, to enjoy each other’s company.

And yes, we found the dear one, I’ve missed so much! She was thrilled for the company but mostly it was my heart that needed to see her! We prayed together, shared some scripture verses and got caught up! And yes, she received new red and white socks, and got candy, too!

On a side note, if anyone needs protecting, just call me. I come with the ‘weapon’ of friendship!

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