Suffering Abounds / Joy Rises Up with a Cadence of Hope


Writing what I Live and See … this post is for the one who may need prayer or/and needs to breathe.

Suffering Abounds

She huddled on the curb, her hair frazzled, her eyes peering at the ground. Now, my steps took me right in front of her, as I moved with a cadence, like a march, heading to my car. I bounded on, but suddenly, I stopped, and returned to her.

See, I was leaving the hospital after visiting two people who are fighting cancer. I was sort of lost in a blur, and tried to ignore the woman. But her face seemed tired, which made me want to check her.

As I headed her way, I thought of my two friends on the fifth floor, two souls that have led different walks, but they’re very much alike, because they’re both saved! And yes, they’re both suffering! But each of them loves Christ!

So, I twirled around and went back to the woman, and asked, “Are you all right? Do you need anything?”

She sat up, holding her knees. “I’m exhausted. My daughter is pregnant. She’s on an IV, doing better, but I haven’t slept in two days.”

I moved closer. “I’m sorry. So, you needed some fresh air?”

Breathe and Pray When you Suffer

“I did. I came outside to breathe.”

“So, is this your first grand baby?”

“No, this is number five. I’ve got three boys, one girl, and this will be our second girl. Her name is Alexia.”

“How exciting. So, you know she’s a girl?”

“Yes, she’ll be here in a few weeks. My daughter caught a nasty virus and needed fluids. We’ll go home soon.”

“Can I pray for you, for her, and for the baby?”

“Sure, please do. I thought I needed to come outside, but I’m positive, that now, it’s prayer I need.”

Life Abounds

After spending, a few more minutes with the woman, I sat in my car remembering my two friends with cancer. One was having a “better day” with her children in town, and with other family members surrounding her.

But the man down the hall from her, whom I visited too was in obvious pain, but thrilled to share his testimony with me. All the while that he talked, he was taking his chemo via an IV. His pain and grimaces were written on his face, but it was the joy in the Lord that glowed in the low-lit room where he clung to the rail of that hospital bed.

His words were filled with hope, and I’m reminded that, I too, need to linger in hope, and breathe. I need to take in the goodness of God, and relish in His loving-kindness.

Look for Hope in Christ

And now, as I write this, I love how I ran into a grandmother today. Because I’m reminded how babies are born in hospitals, fearfully and wonderfully created little beings! What a great reminder of how Christ gives life to hearts and souls!

I so love that Jesus comforts and holds. That He is the light in our walk, the joy beyond our pain, and that He give us strength regardless of what tomorrow brings. Sometimes, we need to take a walk, and simply breathe. And soak up the light of Christ!

May feel, or cry, or even smile. May we relish the moment. May we find rest in Christ as we reach for His hand. And may we further the gospel … one cadence at a time. One encounter at a time.

Then before you know it, you’ll find someone to pray for and to pray with, or you may get to hear a testimony of how the gospel reached inside a heart, and changed someone for eternity. Or you’ll see the love of family rally around one they love. Besides, no cancer cell or mass can take away what Christ provides, which is our salvation in Him!

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