Stranded on Mother’s Day! Or not!


So, I stopped at Albertsons to buy some carnations after leaving the recovery center.
The man in line in front of me had flowers too, and the woman behind me. And the next three people. He let me go ahead and the other lady and the others. I announced to the man, “You’re never going home if you keep letting us go ahead.”

He asked, “So who are those for?”

I smiled, glancing at my flowers. “For a friend. She won’t see her kids today. They live far away.”

“That’s nice. I’ll pray for her.”

“Please do, she’s hoping to move from her camp soon.” I said ‘camp’ like it was a normal response.


“Yes. She’s homeless, but not, for too much longer.”

“I’ll lift her in prayer.”

“Thank you.”

So I drove to the top of the bridge, put my flashers on, and jumped from the car, hollering for my friend.

A man stopped to see if I had car trouble. And another. And another. Then a woman in a white SUV called to me from across the lanes, “Sweetie, you all right? You need help?”

“No thank you. Just picking up a friend.”

As her vehicle idled, she grinned, “I don’t see any houses.” Her look was one I get from a lot of folks, as if she thought I was off a little.

I assured the lady. “I know. She lives below this bridge.”

“And you … you are picking her up?”

Right about then my friend’s head came into view, and I pointed, “See! It’s my friend.”

The driver-lady waved, “Happy Mother’s Day to you both.” And she drove off.

My friend who was hopping in my car by now asked, “Do you just talk to everybody?”

Laughing I answered, “It might seem that way.”

After breakfast we handed out yellow carnations to all the ladies working at Grandy’s.

Yes, I picked up a few extra at the store in case we found someone else to bless.

One of the guys working behind the counter smiled like it was odd to see yellow flowers being handed out from customers. I started to hand him one, “We have enough. You want one too?”

He laughed, shaking his head and my friend interjected, “You have to watch her. She doesn’t meet a stranger.”

The ladies from the counter called out, “Happy Mother’s Day to you both!!”

We drove back to the bridge after a bit and my friend held her flower arrangement in her lap and an order of chicken livers. We both love livers!!!

She told me stories of her kids and took us down memory lane, “I didn’t even know it was Mother’s Day. Someday I’ll reunite with my kids. And I can’t wait.”

Then we both cried, until a honk jerked us back to reality. Rolling my window down, the woman from yet, another car called, “Are you stranded?”

I answered, “No, we’re just sobbing on the side of the road.”

My homeless friend took over, “We’re fine. She’s crying about my kids…”

The driver yelled, “Anything I can do?”

“No, she’ll stop in a minute.”

So, it was a grand outing!! With livers!! With tears!! With flowers!! With hugs!! With laughter!! With eggs and biscuits!! And with prayer!!

It was a morning with a dear friend!! She’s a gift to my heart!! And yes, we now have plenty of new friends on a bridge too!! And at Grandy’s! And at the store!!

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