Standing Firm in Front of a Jury

Watching the Lord save and change a heart is amazing. Like in this case…

She’s usually quiet during the services at the Recovery Center and then one Sunday, she announced, “It’s something when you walk with God. You can stand firm in court and listen to the accusations. Those that are true. And others not so much. But with God and the tools I’m learning here, I can stand and endure, and look others in the eye. I’m changing. I’m new. And when I returned to the center after court, I found out that my friends here, that I was missed. That meant so much to me.”

Yes, she lost her rights to her children and plans to appeal. But the courage I see in her, that’s rising up, as she relies on and trusts in God encouraged me. She’s putting into practice her faith in the Savior. She’s owning her sin. And running a new race.

She’s also joyful in the hard times (in her growth) and in the trials (she’s enduring) and also in the good times (praising God).

She credits her ability to gaze into the eyes of the jury, as coming from God. That He gave her the strength to hear the truth about herself.

Yes, her tears at losing her children is something that weighs heavy on her. She has regrets and yet, she has hope.

She will fight for them. She is a new person. She said, “With Christ I can do this.”

As she continued speaking, she challenged the rest of the ladies to love their children. To pray for God to open their eyes to the beautiful gift of having a child.

“I will get my children back. I will. The new me in Christ is ready for the battle.”

Goodness, when she sat down, I believe we were all crying with her and for her! And praising God for redeeming her life!

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