One summer a few years ago, I met Pastor Cody during an outing passing out Popsicles to my homeless friends. I met him at a picnic in downtown Texarkana, and then started attending the services he held at the Bridge on Saturdays.

Life is filled with struggles. With suffering. And filled with lives who need a Shepherd. Pastor Cody is one of many pastors who have been called to the streets across this nation.

I love being a part of this journey, too. I love street ministry. I love sharing the gospel! I love my Bridge family!

A hobo girl stumbles across the Phantom Killer in 1946, meets the Choctaw girls at Wheelock Academy, runs into ghosts in Jefferson, Texas, and meets a killer in Washington, Arkansas. By book five, she’ll find out why she was kidnapped, and stop the baby stealer of Memphis, Tennessee. And 30 years later in books six, she solves the cold case of the Phantom Killer when the film “The Town that Dreaded Sundown” begins its taping in Texarkana.