Road Trip to the Shoulder!

This post is for anyone who has nearly had a wreck on the interstate, or felt like life is out of control but needs to hold on, so you can see God’s greatness.

Road Trip of Missed Turns

Driving in the Dallas area, I zipped along for hours in the traffic as my twin sister and I spent the day together. At one point, I was unable to take the exit due to the long line of cars to my right. So, I drove another five minutes, took the first exit, turned left, and planned to make a U-turn.

The GPS on my sister’s phone told us to go straight as it showed the street made a curve and an S-twist, which would lead us to the intended highway. We followed the course, and drove right to the entrance we wanted. All day, I fought the traffic, and we missed other exits, thus we circled a few blocks. And made a few U-turns.

The hours of fun, laughter, shopping and meeting a friend in ministry with goodies for her homeless friends brought us home late. But it was a complete day of joy. A day of much needed sister time. A day of traveling the highway some three hours away. 

Road Trip to the Shoulder

Then as I approached my sister’s exit, the headlights barreled up from behind, from what seemed like nowhere. I shouted, “I think he’s going to hit us.”

To my left was car in the fast lane, and in front of me, another car. And in front of them, two diesels.

The lights came at us, and I turned to the right, driving onto the shoulder of the interstate, holding firm to the steering wheel. The pickup charged ahead, taking over the lane, and then he tried to cut between the cars since he was driving faster than everyone. He darted through and disappeared into the night.

I moved my car back onto the highway, to the lane for cars, and that’s when my sister started breathing again. I recapped what happened, and I knew the Lord had held us in the right spot. Even if it was on the shoulder! Because it became our place of survival!

Ride with Me and Hold On

Isn’t interesting how we think we’re in charge? How we think we know how life will play out? Or how the day will end? When in one second it can all change.

In the same way, one choice in our day. Or decision. Or turn. Or exit. Or move along the road of life can lead us into danger or lead us toward safety. And in some cases, it’s the decisions of others that run right over us.

But I’m grateful for the Lord’s protection. And I’m grateful He guides and directs our steps. That He holds and moves us to the spot we need to be. I mean, don’t you love how God reveals His greatness to us in unexpected moments of fear? Or during late-night hours? Or when you nearly get run over on the highway? Or when you can’t seem to breathe?

And then, I find out that my twin sister thinks I’m a good driver! Not that she did throughout the daylight hours … but when it counted, I held on! May I be that kind of sister to her—always! Holding onto our love and riding into the night even if we must find a shoulder to drive on, to make it home alive!

Thus I need to remember Proverbs 16:9 where it says, “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”

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