Random Steps Guided by God

A trip to Texarkana ended up with a night (not my original goal for the evening) of loving on my homeless friends on the street.

I had a nice chat with a lady who just got out of jail. Another with a lady who helped break up a fight. Another who talked of his grandson and smiled with joy. I also laughed with one, when our heads hit upon hugging.

A new friend complained of random drug testing at shelters and she was mad at failing her test.

I asked her if she had been using drugs when that happened. And she said, “Well, yes. They should tell us when they’re going to test us.”

It seems she was convinced that random drug testing should be announced, so I responded with, “That might defeat the purpose.”

She actually grinned, “You’re so right.”

We would talk of Christ and truth and of salvation. Of hope in Him. And she listened, and out of the blue said, “I struggle to trust God.”

She allowed me a few minutes to pray with her and even held my hand an extra few seconds longer, and looked at me, “I feel so alone most of the time.”

So I lingered and talked with her a little more before leaving, and invited her to Church under the Bridge.

I’d end up at Randy Sams Shelter on my way out of the downtown area, where I paged for a precious young man who spent his first day and night at the shelter. He had lit up when he first saw me after they called him to the front. He asked, “So did the Lord send you?”

I smiled, “I’m sure He did.”

“Will He send you, again?”

I touched his arm, “I’m sure of it.”

He shook while he spoke and wept at life and was depressed at how things had come together.

He told me his story and I listened to him. Then I prayed with him after sharing verses for him to consider. And we sought the Lord for guidance, safety, and for answers.

Upon leaving, my heart was torn into pieces … for this young man, who once was a child; he had been a student of mine when I taught Children’s Church years ago.

So please pray for the broken and lonely. And pray for redemption and salvation and for victory walks of faith in Christ to rise up.

Let God direct your steps … for a random night serving Christ “is” anything, but random.

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