Praise God for $4.90? Always!

Begin with Praise

Taking the time to give praise during our services at the recovery center gives my girls a chance to say out loud what the Lord has done and is doing, while focusing on Him.

One girl praised the Lord for her daughter’s salvation. Another for pictures from home. Another for an upcoming visit from friends who are more like family.

Another for clarity. Another for joy. Another for the chance to attend a Christian concert. And yet, another praised God for allowing her to live through her sin. One wept as she praised Him for the ability to sing and to do it sober and sincerely.

Even Whispers of Praise Count / Or Weeping

Another girl wept as she thanked God for using another person in rehab, whom she didn’t even like, and how that person spoke life into her heart.

A new girl’s voice cracked as she couldn’t get the words out, but finally, she whispered, “I need Jesus. I’m thankful He has me. That I’m here.”

Then one of the girls in the back of the room raised her hand, “Ms. Pam. I must give the Lord praise. He’s given me the chance to pay off my fines by having a job. And I now have $4.90 in my checking account.”

With that, the entire room applauded and praised God for her accomplishment! Just to see the smile on her face is something I’ll never forget!

End with Praise

Later, this same girl would whisper in my ear, “This is the first time, I’ve ever had any money and not owed anyone anything. I’ve worked hard to pay off my court fines. And it’s all God. He gave me the strength to do this. To stay here. To trust Him.”

Her praise brought me to my knees in repentance, because I take so much for granted. Even now, as I think of the praises from my girls, I’m reminded that I need to spend time praising God simply because He is God. And that I should praise Him for the mighty work He’s doing in my life, in and around me. For the ability to teach, to write, to speak, to breathe!

My voice cracks, and I can only whisper, “I need Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for loving me despite my ungratefulness. May I focus on You, and worship You. Because if I have You, I have everything.”

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