People You Don’t See


Dee has stolen from stores, ran from officers, fell in a parking lot while fleeing, and spent time in jail. She’s rented her house out to people who made counterfeit money, and found herself in jail, again. And yes, she’s sold drugs. Used drugs. And hidden drugs.

She’s enjoyed the nicer things. Not that she bought them. She’s enjoyed pretty clothes. Not that she paid for them. And she’s gotten trapped in the not-so nicer side of life. Where darkness ruled. And lies prevailed.

She took what she wanted, got stuck in the chaos, and seemed oblivious to her sin. She lived at the expense of others. Careless. Crooked. And caught in crime. Corrupt behavior beget corruption.

What if you saw her sitting alone on a bench? And what if she was crying, appeared hungry, and sat in soiled clothing? Would you stop? Would you care? Would you really see her? Or would you rush on, hoping you didn’t get caught in her world where life is dirty, ugly, and filled with sin? Would you buy into the idea that if you ignored her, she would disappear?

Then what if you saw on the news on your Facebook feed or on another news site that a girl was lost? And they had a photo of her? And it was the girl on the bench?

And what if you heard that she was wandering the streets and her family was searching for her? That she was someone’s little girl? Someone’s daughter? Someone’s sister? Someone’s friend? And she was wanted by them? That they longed to help her find her way?

Now what if you heard she was dying and you held the key to saving her? Because you know a Savior who calls her by name? Who loves her and desires to save her from her sins and lost journey? From the wrath of her corrupt walk?

Would you go back to the bench to search for her? Or would you be too late?

When we share the gospel with a heart, it’s then, that we truly see someone as Christ does; redeemed, made new, saved, and set free.

And yet, we often don’t see the lost, for we don’t always see with our hearts. We forget that we, ‘were once lost, but found’ and how ‘amazing grace, how sweet the sound’ came to us on the bench one day when Jesus called our name.

In one moment, Christ opened our ears to the sweetness of his voice, as we heard of the forgiveness he offered, as we received our new heart and new life. How can we forget such love? How can we forget that he saved us from the wrath of our sin?

May we share the gospel out of generosity and love. May we pray to see with our hearts and to take time to sit on a bench with someone. And then go.

As for Dee, she went to rehab, spent some ten months there, and Christ called to her. She believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, received life, and has also reconciled with her mother.

So, I must ask, who did you not-see today? And how many benches are in your town?

Below is an article for reasons we don’t share the gospel.

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