When Girls in Rehab Have Church

I introduced a new worship song today at the center, one by an artist who sings with Toby Mac, and one of my girls heard this song from her daughter right before getting arrested and coming to rehab. She wept the entire length of the song. Some of our worship comes with gospel greats (I […]

When You Feel Invisible

I met her last week. She smiled. She hovered off to herself. She watched others. She pretended to be invisible, and looked away when I glanced at her. She appeared to want to interact but kept her ‘force field’ of quietness and aloofness intact. And didn’t talk to anyone. But since I come without any […]

The Grim Hotel / Shadows of the Past

The Grim Hotel rises above most buildings in downtown Texarkana, Texas, and sits right across from the Arkansas border. Actually its a few feet away, and you’ll leave Texas in a short walk East. The towering brick, with its broken windows now sits empty, but the history goes deep, and the stories of folks still […]

Christ Can Change a Lifestyle!

During  the songs, I make sure to move among the ladies, praying with anyone who desires prayer, and hugging every one of the girls. When I first began holding a service for those in recovery, the one thing I needed permission for was to embrace them. Because in “real” church on the outside, hugging is […]

Giving Up on God Doesn’t Mean He’s Given Up on You

For two weeks she’s argued with God, telling Him she’s done. She refused to attend church at the recovery center the last few weeks, and she told Him she couldn’t feel His presence. She was frustrated with God, arguing that He wasn’t showing Himself to her. That the walk to serve Him was too hard. […]

Six Book Series / Mystery / History/ And More

A six book novel series started as a stand alone novel and has taken me down a history walk in time beginning in 1945, and will end in 1976. Currently, there are four novels completed, and I wish to share with you some background story on each book. I’ll share “Untied Shoelace” with you for […]

Writing about a Killer

The novel, “Untied Shoelace,” began as a standalone book. I planned to write the mystery/historical novel, and then dedicate this book to Manuela, my friend murdered by a serial killer in the early 80’s. Now the first time I heard (around 2011) that Texarkana had a serial killer, a case from 1946, I became intrigued. […]

A Night at the Bridge. A Song in the Morning.

Have you ever slept under a bridge so you could be at church? So you could sing for the Lord? This is my friend, Raven, who did just that! Raven Singing at Church under the Bridge! Listen to the song! Read my blog post about him beneath it, too!   This is my friend Raven. […]

When A Body Flies from the Car!

The mailman slammed the side door on his white truck causing me to jump at least three feet off the concrete. Since I was walking in front of his vehicle when the kaboom happened, I thought he cranked the engine to the vehicle, not realizing he wasn’t even inside the truck. He laughed, sticking his […]