Outbursts of Sharing Bibles



I bought two “giant-size” print Bibles for two friends who are staying at the shelter, whose eyes are in need of bigger letters. Now I was thrilled when Lifeway did the “matching of pricing” on them too, as I had no idea they did such things. This made the Bibles nice and cheap, and pretty, with big letters!

Carrying these two Bibles around for a week meant I’d see my friends last night. But then I did something I’d regret. I ran into another friend, only to learn of her need for “big print” letters, too. She’s not seeing with young eyes or clear vision. So I did it! I gave her one of the Bibles in my backseat without thinking. Without reasoning it out. Without considering the other two men who had dibs on them!

Seconds later, I mean seconds … Cindy (who should control my giving-of things from the car) scolded me for my not-thinking-blonde action. Arguing with her about the need for my other friend did not solve the lack of a Bible for Greg.

And yes, who might walk up to me with a smile larger than the state of Texas, but Greg!

Apologizing, I offered to drive and purchase and bring back a new Bible just for him, right then, because I had promised him one. And boy, do I hate to break promises!

Of course, Cindy might have something to say about this, too. She does say I have excess-giving abilities.

Well I rushed to the store, not Lifeway this time, because I also wanted to purchase some tennis shoes for two friends. One had on slip-on plastic shoes, with not one other pair of shoes to wear. The other person, I’ll see at Church under the Bridge on the weekend.

So a multipurpose store became my goal, and I found all of my items. I even purchased some reading glasses for a friend at the camps. A one-stop store. With one-stop prices. The giant print Bible I found matched many I’ve held at Lifeway,too. And it was the only giant-print Bible they had, too. One was all I needed.

Back on the street, I hoped to find Greg and wouldn’t you know, he walked across the corner as he left church just as I drove back downtown. Again, his smile lit up Texas … and I found myself redeemed! He was thrilled!!!

Except, Cindy of course has now taken over all disbursements from my car to our homeless friends. But, I’m not sure she’ll be able to keep me in line or keep up with my spontaneous bursts of giving!

But regardless, remember this — the best thing we can give away is always the WORD! Tennis shoes are great! Hugs are nice! Laughter is good medicine, but the gospel is life and salvation in Christ!

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