On This Christmas

A year ago, she was hooked on heroin and passed out on a floor on Christmas Eve. This Christmas, she’s serving Christ. Living for Christ. Obeying Christ. And loving Christ.

For another girl in Recovery, on this Christmas, her son said in a letter that he still has his sock-monkey, the one she gave him.

Today, with the Christmas goodies for the ladies, I carried one of my own red, sock monkeys from my tree. I have dozens of them. I wanted to let them into my world. To give them hope for their own families and their future. To share a piece of me with them.

So on this Christmas, one sweet girl wept at holding my little monkey, and told me, sobbing, and with a great smile. “The Lord hasn’t forgotten me. This is the best place for me to be this year. God’s called me to a better life in Him. And my son is waiting for me, too.”

One girl, this Christmas, told me I made the best cookies, but I had to confess, I didn’t bake them. But I am “great” at buying them though.

I did tell them, I packed the 100 Christmas bags with chocolates and more chocolates and with cookies just for them. Of course, they each received scripture cards, too.

Each goodie bag was filled my love (mostly) except for the last ones, those I stuffed at the end of the two-hour assembly work.

The final ones came with plenty of whining. I told them I do love really them, but I tend to whine at long tasks.

Our Christmas service was special in that our hearts were hushed at the reading of God’s Word and when we sang “Silent Night”, as we experienced the “great joy” of Christ’s birth. I love that the girls prayers were simple and yet, deep, with reverence.

You know, I can’t think of a better place to be on Sunday morning, on this Christmas Eve, than with my girls. Today is the day of salvation!!

Oh, and on this Christmas, one of my girls got baptized! But she came for a hug before she left, just to tell me! Yes, on this Christmas, Christ still saves!

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