Of dents, danger, and hand warmers

It was a night to meet some folks at the homeless camps which also met us with dropping temperatures. The hand warmers in my trunk came in handy and will warm some precious friends’ hands and maybe even their toes inside their socks tonight.
And then at the library, a car backed up and one of my dear friends jerked on my sleeve, “Ms. Pam watch out. You’re going to get ran over.” He pulled me away from the bumper of the moving car, in time for me to jump away and bounce off my own bumper. At least my car was parked!
My friend said, “You’re dangerous, Ms. Pam.”
Now, if he knew that the other day I had left McDonalds after getting some gift cards for our bridge Christmas Eve service, and that I stepped in front of a truck who was in the drive-thru, he would know how dangerous I can be.
See, the driver didn’t see me, and I didn’t know he was actually moving forward. His big old diesel bumped me, and he jerked to a stop.
Leaning his head out the window he screamed, “Are you okay? I saw you come out the door as I was leaving.”
I gathered myself, “Yes, I’m fine. But …”
He asked, “But what? Are you hurt?”
I pointed to the front of his truck which had a giant dent in the grill. I mean a huge one. “I just want you to know. I didn’t put that dent in your truck.”
Laughing he said, “I know. I know. I hit a cow at my farm the other day.”
I giggled. “Well, that indent might have saved my life. It gave me some room.”
He nodded. “You sure you’re okay?”
“Yes,” I patted my chest. “This cow is gonna make it.”
He shook his head and smirked, “I really didn’t think you were stepping from the curb.”
“And I wasn’t thinking or watching.”
So yes, I’m dangerous to big trucks and little cars, and to anyone within ten feet of me. I should come with a warning. It should say: Watch for moving livestock!!

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