No “Weaving” at Mercy Me Concert Required!

Once called the Saenger Theatre, it’s now called “The Perot Theatre.”

One of my friends from the homeless camps lingered next to me on Sunday in a parking lot, as he waited for lunch to be served. I tapped his arm, “Don’t forget we’ll meet at the Perot Theatre at 5 p.m. next weekend for the Christian concert. There’s eight of us going.”

He sighed and stood there for a second, not responding. Something he does quite often as if he’s thinking.

I bumped his shoulder. “You know who ‘Mercy Me’ is?”

He shook his head. “Nope. Never heard of them.”

That very “never heard of them” took me back to when he came with a few others to the Perot to hear ‘Big Daddy Weave’ in concert. He had read the sign on the billboard from his walks up and down the street, and had trouble committing to coming with our group. But finally did show up, and from what I could tell he had a great time.

I learned that he thought we were going to a craft event involving weaving (due to the name). So in our chat Sunday, I got tickled remembering this piece of trivia. So I spoke up, laughing with letters dropping from my lips. “Just so you know, we’re not doing any crafts. We aren’t doing any weaving, either. We’ll hear some Christian songs and worship God. How does that sound?”

He almost let out a full blown laugh, but covered the burst with his hand, and his garbled words were like mercy to my soul. “Until that night, I’d never been inside the Perot. It’s beautiful. And I’m glad you aren’t into crafts. I don’t like crafts.”

I assured him, “You know, God is fully aware that I have trouble creating anything, but He knows I love music.”

My friend smiled, “That sounds great. I’ll be there.”

As I walked away I shouted back. “Don’t forget, you can leave your loom at your camp for this concert.”

He shook his head, and nearly stumbled over the curb, as I roared like a member of the band, the one no one will let me in.

So yes, this Sunday night we’ll worship at the Perot Theatre and several of my friends are coming. I wonder, should I get them all a little “potholder loom” just for fun?

(And thank you to the person who bought the six tickets for my homeless friends!! I may send you a loom, too.)

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