National Day of Prayer … Forgive me!

20160123_140327(Tomorrow I’ll be with pastors and leaders at The National Day of Prayer in New Boston. And I’ll pray for our media alongside others. This is what’s on my heart tonight.)

My prayer: Dear Lord, I confess that I have not served you at all times in the way I should, I have not loved You with all my heart, soul, and mind at all times, either. And I have not loved my neighbors as You have loved me. Please forgive me.

Dear Lord, I have lived selfishly rather than living with a generous heart. And I have given in order to receive, rather than to simply to be a blessing. I have been known to love my friends while hating my enemies. Please forgive me.

Lord, please have mercy on me for failing You. Forgive me, as a journalist, as an author, and as a blogger, for the times I’ve failed You. Forgive me for what could have been, and give me the courage to do Your will.

Give me the devotion to love Your will, to be wise, to reflect godly values in my work, to be accurate and fair, and to influence others for good and for YOU.

Also, Lord may my fellow journalists and those in the media, and on television and in print; those I know, those I’ve never met; Lord, please, may they love You with their whole hearts, and may I do the same. May they reveal truth and integrity in their reporting, and writing, and may I do the same. May they not only love their friends but love their enemies, and shine for You in the process. And may I do the same.

If they do not know You, save them. If they know You, remind them that they are Yours, and remind them to glorify You by reflecting truth and love, by reflecting peace and hope.

Forgive them, where they have failed You. Give them the courage to do Your will, and may they give You their devotion by reflecting godly values, and may they be accurate and fair, and influence others for good and for YOU.

Lord, we’re praying and taking a stand for what we believe is right. But if I’m honest, at times I feel afraid. The people are looking for leaders who point to You, and we stand with them and ask for strength and courage for them and for ourselves. I have no power.

I have nothing to bring to You. And I can’t face this alone. That’s why I come to You, to ask, to seek, to trust, to obey, and to shine as a light for You. I earnestly pray for leaders who will bring glory to You and serve You, too. Who will seek, trust and obey You.

I admit that I cannot face today, nor tomorrow without You. I need You. May our local and national media become the leaders you can use. May they also realize their need of You! May they take steps toward integrity even if they stand alone. Because with You, they are never really alone. Thank you for hearing our prayer, In Jesus name. Amen.

Charles Spurgeon wrote, “A good character is the best tombstone. Those who loved you, and were helped by you, will remember you when forget-me-nots are withered. Carve your name on hearts, and not on marble.”

The old man with the starfish tossing them back into the ocean, was called out by a person, “You’ll not save them all. What are you doing?”

With that the old man tossed the starfish into the wave, “So ask that of the starfish I just threw into the water. I made a difference in His life.”

Toss with all you have. Do good to those you can. Love with all you are, with your heart, soul, and mind. Just imagine if we did this, on purpose, just imagine how many starfish might just live today!

I met a man last week. He stood outside of a bathroom at a park. He was homeless. The weather cold. The sky gray. Another homeless man reached out to me, to warm this old fellow. To give him a jacket. To pass along a tent and a sleeping bag.

I cannot reach all the starfish, but just imagine how that one old fellow felt that night when he didn’t sleep on the concrete floor without a blanket or a pillow … in the night air.

And that’s my prayer, for the media and journalists to touch hearts, to carve hope in Christ, and for the gospel to reach everyone, and we can do it, one starfish at a time.

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