Man on a Bench

Sacks to Share

I drove by the man on the bench who appeared to be asleep, whose head was covered up. I prayed about leaving him a lunch sack, but I feared his reaction, and I didn’t want to scare him or freak him out.

So instead, I went on down the road to hand out some 30 lunch bags to other homeless friends. Later, I had two left sacks left, which sent me back to the same corner where the man slept.

I drove around the block five times trying to decide if I might go up to him. If I should or not. He was asleep after all. Still on a hard bench. Still alone. Still hungry. Probably.

Finally, I pulled to the spot by the curb again, when the “truck you see in the photo” drove by me. I so longed for that bed to be for my friend, wondering how this man found himself on the bench in the first place.

Two For Him

I jumped from the car and moved like a big, quiet – mouse, to his bench. I didn’t want to scare him.

But since I don’t do quiet well, he popped up, his eyes red like he was so tired the blood had run to the white part of his eyes. “Lady, I ain’t bothering no one.”

Holding two sacks, I rattled the paper. “I didn’t know if you were hungry.”

“What you got?”

“A sandwich and chips and cookies.”

“Why do you have two bags?”

“I didn’t know how hungry you were.”

Man on a Bench

He reached for the bags. “I’m starving. I saw you stop in your car by the curb. Four times. Are you lost?”

“It was five. I’m not lost. But I was afraid I’d bother you. So I kept circling you. I knew I wanted to talk to you about Christ. And pray with you, if I might.”

He peered into a sack. “I’m not much for listening to that sort of talk.”

“Well, then take a look at the scripture card inside, and I hope to see you again. Maybe I can sit and visit with you next time.”

Pulling it out, he nodded, “I’ll read it. Thank you for the supper.”

“You’re welcome.”

He spoke. “You don’t have to circle the block next time. I ain’t bothering no one. Just stop and say hi.”

So as I get ready to fluff my pillow and climb into my own bed, I wrestle with heartache for the homeless man tonight. But mostly, I wrestle with knowing there are “some” who are lost without a Savior, who may or may not be homeless. And thus, I pray we share the gospel at every turn, to folks who might just say, “I ain’t bothering no one.”

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