Loving on the Not-So Sober

It’s not every day I visit with someone on the side of the road who is drunk. Now before you scold me, he’s a friend. I care about him when he’s sober. Thus, I care about him when he’s not sober.
He sat on the ground through our entire chat, propping himself up on the grass with his arm, and his words fell from his lips like lost pieces from a puzzle.
He reached for my letter/card, the one I’d written down words about Christ, redemption, and salvation, and he put it inside his sack. “Thanks for coming over here. I saw you at the library, but …”
I smiled, “I needed to walk. I don’t mind at all.”
We engaged in friendly chatter, and his words were garbled, his eyes cloudy. But his joy at having the company became evident the longer we talked. He asked of a friend that we both care about who has moved from her camp to a mission, and then he thanked me for the new shoes.
Whenever I think of those who come to hear the sermons at Church under the Bridge through Pastor Cody’s messages, I’m reminded how the Lord is calling to his sheep. And my prayer is they/we hear the call of our Shepherd, Jesus Christ at every turn, even on the side of the road.
May those I meet on the street, in the camps, and those in shelters—may they have eyes to see, and ears to hear the call of Christ to their hearts. And may I share the gospel with boldness too!
Yes, that evening came with visiting several of my homeless friends who each received notes from me; cards filled with challenges from scripture. Each receiving new shoes!
A new friend lit up the shadows with a giant grin bigger than the orange sun resting over us, and he couldn’t quit saying, “Thank you.” He held his card up, “What’s in here?”
“Oh, I wrote some verses down for you and wrote you a note. Read it before you wear your new shoes.”
His grain grew larger than a giant slide at the park, “Thank you. Thank you.”
“You’re so welcome. I hope you like the shoes. But I pray you love the scriptures in the card more.”
As I drove away headed home, I prayed silently for some of my other friends who hurried, who moved faster than I wanted them to—who disappeared behind buildings and around corners.
I also prayed for my little ‘not-so-sober’ friend that deliverance from heaven would reign in his life, that the beauty of the Savior would become real to his heart! That his joy would become complete in Christ, which would eliminate the need for the bottle that takes him away. That keeps him in bondage.
This should be my ongoing prayer, for me, for you, for anyone—that our lives would be lived in victory and in abiding in Christ! That we would be ready to spread the gospel to the anyone on the side of the road, to anyone we meet along the way.
“So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.” ~~ 1 John 4:16 ESV

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