Lost Treasures Found

When Days Go Awry

Some days gone awry … because on Sunday, I lost my wedding ring, a treasure from my hubby, not the band he gave me when we searched the Cracker Jack boxes some 35 years ago, but the second ring given to me by him, one that I love.

I’ve called the restaurant where he and I ate last night, searched every single inch of my house and dumped two bags of trash, gagging at the horrible odor already collecting in the garbage. Now, Shelby, my schnauzer, thought it was a great way for her to snoop into the trash. She had a ball!

I’ve crawled around on the floor, searched under the sofa, recliner, and the loveseat, and shook out my bedding. I’ve also checked all the nooks and corners and cracks in my house. Yes, I’ve shined a flashlight at all shadowy spots. To no avail!

I’ve dug in my car, and used the same flashlight to lighten the darkness beneath the seats. Moved the items in my trunk, piece by piece. And scoured the path from my car to the front door. Nothing!

I’ve back-tracked, back-thought, and fast-forward-thought, and the only thing I know for sure is that I wore the ring Saturday. I don’t remember taking it off before bed though, which is my norm. (It’s loose on my finger, and has been.)

When Cars Go Awry

Then on Sunday, I was getting coffee at McDonalds in Texarkana, had paid for it, and my engine started letting off a smoke signal from beneath the hood in the drive-thru line. White billowing smoke is never good!

I pulled over to the side, parking, forgetting my order, and waited for my son to come check on my car. (Hubby was tied up.)

This took an hour since I wasn’t close to his house but the lady from inside did bring me my coffee. Well, my son deducted a couple of things, and gave me the green light to drive home with instructions to take it to the shop tomorrow.

When Light Shows Up

But I have good news. No, it’s not about my ring. I have a new “lightbulb” in my office (thanks to the hubby), bright and clear, unlike the dim one I’ve had forever. And my candle is burning, giving off its fragrance of vanilla-bean-caramel, and I’m once again drinking coffee. See, sometimes it’s the little things that make me happy when things go awry.

But earlier, I did convince hubby to drive me to several car lots to look at cars. Yep! I’ll take a new car over the ring any day! But so far, we’re just window shopping. Or that’s what he thinks!

All I know is, this is the day the Lord created, and it doesn’t take long for my plans to get interrupted or halted. And thankfully, God’s there to calm me, to hold me, and to remind me of his mercy. He’s there to send light into the dark places of my heart when I worry, too!

(Hey, maybe I could get a new ring and a new car. I know, that’s a stretch. But a girl can hope, can’t she?)

Update: Knowing Where My Peace Comes From

I found my wedding ring tangled in loose threads inside my hoodie pocket. Apparently it slid off and was waiting for me to find it. And a few hundred dollars later and my car is happy again, too, no more smoking! Praising the Lord!!

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. ~~ John 14:27

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