Losing $150,000 or $1000 I Wanted to Disappear

Writing What I Live and See … this post is for the one who needs to know that “bad days” are really lessons in disguise.

Losing Your Job

Back then, losing a thousand dollars should have sent me searching for another job. Well, losing it now wouldn’t be such a great thing to do, either.

See, in my early twenties, I worked as a bank teller in California, and I remember how the tension of not balancing to the “penny” made me anxious and worried.

So, on that Friday, I counted my cash. Tried to balance. Counted again. No matter how many times I counted, shuffled, or dug through the drawer, the final answer never changed. I was short $1000 dollars in my cash drawer! And I wanted to disappear!

Not Losing Your Job

The supervisor double-checked my numbers, and wrote me up for my error. So, for the whole weekend, I replayed every customer I waited on, their checks, the cash, and the transactions.

I had nothing. And I had zero confidence in having a job on Monday morning.

See, the teller counter included sit-down desks where we sat in tall chairs to wait on the customers.

Now the top drawer to my right held my working cash, and beneath it, a second drawer held the strapped money and rolled coin. And then … below that drawer was … my trash can!

So, as the janitor cleaned the bank that weekend, he dumped trash and swept floors. His last run through the lobby sent him to the teller’s trash cans, where he found a couple of straps of twenties, totaling $1000. In my trash can!

He turned the money into someone. I’m not sure who, but he saved my job. When I arrived at work, after sweating on the drive into town, and worrying about hearing the goodbye-speech, I heard the news of the honest janitor!

Now this hasn’t been the worst thing I’ve ever done on a job. At another bank in Texas, not long after that horrible Friday, I lost $150,000! Talk about panic! Talk about a horror story! Talk about cash falling from my fingers!

Integrity Wins on the Job

Unfortunately, the person who received the money in error at the second bank, stole the cash and withdrew it from his account. And the rumors at work about my carelessness didn’t help, either!

So, we have two stories. Involving cash. But with different endings.

The good part is I’ve learned to persevere. And yes, when I fell from the “trash can” of my own mistakes, I grabbed the strap of fresh starts, and held on.

Through the years, my love for words grew as I have so many illustrations from my past. Thus, it became easy to write a story. Besides, if I lose a vowel or a consonant, I’m bound to find another letter in the alphabet to create a sentence. I love to write a piece that encourage others, or helps someone who has fallen into the “trash can” of lost chances, or lost direction, or lost opportunities.

Besides, the Lord can use what appeared as misguided steps to take us along the path of life where honesty is tested, where some win and some steal, and where there’s always a chance to redeem ourselves.

Because, it’s in those moments when you lose $150,000 and you feel like giving up, that you learn you can survive. You can rise up and run your race. Even on days when you feel like you’re losing!

And if you look closely, it’s on those days when a janitor might show you the person you long to be! And to think, he did it when no one was looking!

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