Locked in Dungeon at Ten? Or was the door jammed?

Thumbnail.jpgc3c7ed3e-64c8-4a5f-9822-33649d4162aaOriginalVacation when you’re ten-years old should be full of memories. Well, I have a dungeon story for you. Or so it seemed!

I walked the long truck stop of a cafe toward the bathroom since we’d been stuck in the olive-green station wagon for a hundred hours or so. In those days, you apparently would let your child go to the bathroom alone, and once inside I shoved the dungeon type door closed, and twisted the metal bar that latched itself to the frame.

After doing what I’d come to do, I washed my hands (surely, I washed my hands) and rushed to the door, unable to move the cross-bar, as it was heavy, and stuck in the casing latch.

I pushed. I shoved. I twisted and contorted my body to get leverage, and after trying for a zillion hours, someone finally tapped on the door.

“Pam, are you in there?”

“Yes, Melody get me out?”

(This was my twin sister talking to me.)

“I can’t. I’ll get mom.”

More tapping, over my crying. “Pam, is the lock broken?”

“Mom, it’s stuck. I can’t get out.” Screaming through the six-inch metal door that no one had ever locked before, as they would have been stuck inside too, I leaned on the door, weeping.

The police got involved, and I’m not sure why the manager didn’t have a key. But after a bit, after thinking I’d miss vacation, the small window above the sink squeaked, and the glass slid open. The window was teeny and in seconds my twin sister’s head popped into view, “I’m here to save you!”

She climbed through the window, stood on the sink, and jumped to the floor, and promptly moved the tomb-like stone door and rolled away the latch. And we were free!!

(I find it odd that all of the adults thought another small girl was the answer to the problem. But it worked!)

Now, the best part of this story is that I remember being rescued, but the worst part is my twin sister doesn’t remember being a hero.

So in case you ever get stuck or circumstances are beyond your reach. Trust that God will hold you, rescue you, and open the door to guide you to freedom.

And if for some reason, he sends you a hero like my sister, don’t count on her remembering it — because for her, I’m sure she rescued me so many times, it was an everyday occurrence!

But do remember, if you find yourself in a season where the rescue is delayed, or you’re in a season of testing, or in a season where you can give glory to God during your trial; remember He is with you, never forsakes, and comforts you wherever you are, even when you cry. For He is enough!!


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