Learn the Wiggly-Run

Today I learned the wiggly-run…

Nearing the railroad tracks, I saw three men walking away from Church under the Bridge, and the woman going toward the Bridge.

My first thought, as I glanced in the rearview mirror was about her safety. But my second thought made me wonder if she was asking them about breakfast. (I had no way of knowing this, just thought it might be the case.)

I drove on, and took another glance in the mirror, and the woman wearing the pink hat, now jogged a wiggly-not-used-to-running gait.

As I rounded the streets ahead, I parked my car and grabbed the last four McDonald’s gift cards that I had left, sticking them inside my pocket .

I hoped that if my “thoughts of this dear woman” led me to a hungry stomach, then I’d get to talk with her. Especially since breakfast was over at nine. And it was minutes from ending.

As I arrived, I greeted several friends, hugging, listening, and preparing for worship. I almost forgot about the woman with the pink hat when behind me, a loud, somewhat disruptive display unfolded.

And there, right in my view, was the other woman who wore the pink hat, headed away from the Bridge. She was passing right next to the loud friend.

I moved quickly, hurrying, following her. I called to her.

She kept walking, not hearing me.

“Hey there! Wait a second!”

She kept walking!

I did the wiggly-not-used-to-running gait myself, and startled her with my presence. “Hi, I’m trying to catch up with you.”

“I see that.” She stepped to the side, a little.

“I saw you earlier when you were a few blocks away, when you met those men. And I watched to make sure they were nice to you.”

She smiled, her face less tense. “I asked them what time they served breakfast. But I got here too late.”

I reached into my pocket handing her two cards. “I want you to know that God is meeting your need. He knows you’re hungry. He wants you to have breakfast.”

She embraced me, “Really? For me?” She hugged me. “I think I’ll stay for service.”

“I was hoping you might come listen in.”

She inched along with me. “I’ll stay back here a bit.”

I hugged her neck, and left her side, thankful of my earlier drive to town which put me right where I needed to be—to meet her.

For you see, I was meeting someone else who used to be homeless, and I ended up driving around her block three times before I stopped. (Which was before Church under the Bridge.)

A car appeared to follow me, going the same way as I, although I’m not positive they did follow me. But I got a wee bit paranoid, thus, the extra laps in my car.

My friend did say, “I saw you go by.”

So as I finish up this long post, I have to say, I love how the Lord used the men who followed me (who may not have); because they made me more aware.

And I love how the noisy lady made me glance at her, so I’d see the pink hat again. (For some she was a distraction, for me, a beacon of light.)

But mostly, I love how the Lord guides and directs and steers and helps us arrive at our destinations. He gets us where we should be—so we can speak of Him!

Even if we must “wiggly-run” to arrive—on time! Or take extra laps to be right where God can use us!

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