Joy Peeking from the Mini Blind in the Hospital

Of Hospital Rooms

I marched to the hospital room, the small blind on the room’s door revealing eyes that were watching me. As I reached for the handle, it swung open, and the giggle behind the door gave me a clue to how joy rises up in unexpected places.

Inside, I greeted the family of three, the mother, a mere 35-years-old in the bed after a stroke. Her husband at her side, and their daughter who is eight, bouncing around the room laughing, doodling on paper, and holding my hand.

I met them a few months ago when they were living at the Salvation Army, and the struggle continues. Their need for a home is unfolding—as a pastor has helped them for now. About ten days ago, someone sent me a text, with the desire to love on, or adopt a family for Christmas. To buy them presents. To spread joy.

I found out, while chatting with them, that Dad and Mom had just had a conversation on that very day about Christmas. And how, on that same day, I had let them know of a family who wanted to make their holiday special.

Of Blessings Inside

They wept at the goodness of God, at how blessed they are to know Christ. I wept too, while hugging their daughter. She knows how much she’s loved by her parents, and her smile and face beam with joy.

Our visit, brought perspective to my own heart, because the joy of the Lord is rising up even inside that small hospital room.

For this family, their hope is in Christ, even though the days are filled with unexpected illness and unexpected days about where they’ll live. But it’s also filled with unexpected moments where they fall into the arms of Christ—in total trust.

As I prayed for each of them, hearing their “Amens” and seeing their tears, sent me to my knees in asking the Lord for forgiveness. Because I can get caught up in peering at the world through the cracks. So I pray that I rely on and trust God. That I relish His care! That I let His ways become mine!

Of Presents and Presence

I also pray that I open the door and walk into His presence, which is the BEST present to my heart! Since I know the door to the inn when Christ was born sent Mary and Joseph to the manger for the birth of their Son, Jesus, may we do all we can to open the door and shine for our Savior this Christmas!

Yes, I’m swinging the door wide open. Jesus I love you! Come inside my life and heart! Show me the way! Show me YOU!


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