Hurricane Harvey Brings Rough Waters / Go Share Christ in Rough Waters

The videos of Hurricane Harvey are showing me the rough waters in the ocean, and I’m reminded of the night when a friend and I found two strangers in a dingy in a storm.

Now it was not your normal boat ride, as we had left the calm waters of the California bay to test the speed of this boat. This was years ago, and the sun slid behind the ocean’s edge, the shadows of darkness casting less light as the clouds blew in, as the storm brewed. We braved the waters like we had some power over such waves, bouncing over them as the clouds showered us. My throat tightened up, and I could barely inhale. Let alone exhale. I simply wanted to get off the ocean, to stand on solid ground.

Then, in seconds, my friend who steered the boat, pointed to a small object where a flickering light rocked with each new wave. It was a small dingy. And sitting in the raft-like boat were a man and woman who were drenched, who had one oar. They appeared like ghosts of the night on the vast sea.

If they could have walked on water toward us, I’m sure they would have taken off. Fortunately, we reached them, helped them aboard, and tied their small raft to our boat.

The couple had been tossed from their giant sail boat earlier in the day when the winds toppled the sails, sending them into the ocean. They had climbed into the dingy, drifting for what would turn out to be hours. Then, just like that, they were safe, and headed to shore.

Tonight, I think about this trip on a certain day when a storm rolled in, when the skies rumbled. And it would be the night when we motored over the waves and found two strangers. Who were adrift! Who needed rescuing!

Now, I’m not sure who you can love on. Or who you can help. Or if you should leave the comfort zone of your bay. But I do know this, if we never opt for strange waters or rough seas, we won’t know if there’s someone out there who needs to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Who needs saving.

So, let’s go. The hurricane of sin is rushing in like winds of death, ready to kill and steal lives, to send people to hell. Be a light, even a flicker of hope.

Row yourself over to someone. Be kind. Offer them your hand. And see if they need the hope that’s only found in Christ!

For there are people floating along without peace, without courage, without joy, without a relationship in Jesus. Shine the light of Christ and dispel the darkness. Share Him. Walk on water to someone who is lost! Or if you must, use a boat!

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