God Met the Need before I Knew …

Bus-clip-art-bus-clipart-photo-clipartbold-3The phone call came to me from a lady from a church office, “I’ve gotten a phone call. There’s a couple in Texarkana who need bus tickets. They’re stranded there, and we don’t know who they are, or how we might handle this. So I was wondering if you knew someone who could help them?”

Now this is one of the categories without easy answers, and without concrete yes or no responses. And with me at work, and with me some thirty minutes away, I needed to decide how and when and what and if, I was going to interact.

The first thing I decided was that it mattered not how this couple came to be in need, I was involved. And since the call came to me, I personally needed to say yes, to trust God for a way to help them. Saying “no” was too easy of an answer. One I’ve been guilty of before.

But what came up next for me was whether my little checking account (not my family household account), but my wee one, if the money was there for the bus tickets.

Upon a closer look at the price of the tickets, as I had spoken with a family member in West Texas by now, I knew I had enough for one ticket. And being the best friend

in the whole world, Cindy Ross had enough for the second ticket. For you see, her money is my money, or so I tell her.

Now we would be “broke together”, until pay-day.

The purchases were made, and the tickets set up on will call. I even made their password for the couple when they identified themselves for the tickets as: God saves.

What happened next is better than a vanilla shake on a Monday afternoon. I went home at lunch and stacked my mail on the breakfast bar, and an envelope held almost exactly to the penny what the two bus tickets cost.

A friend of mine sent the cash via snail mail – to help someone! She was out-of-pocket and we couldn’t connect, so she dropped the money in the mail.

I love how the Lord sent the cash before I even knew there was a need! But do keep this in mind, if you need money, don’t call Cindy, I have dibs all of her pennies until pay-day! And after!

(And yes, the couple left Texarkana at 1:25 pm that day, and arrived at their destination later that night. I would learn from the relative that the man had only months to live.)

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