Gift cards of “Nice” for LeRoy

He walked up to me at Church under the Bridge during worship. “Do you know Ms. Pam. I’m looking for her.”

Grinning, I responded with, “I might. Do you need to see her?”

“I do. I’ve asked several people and they ‘says’ she’s nice.”

Laughing I added, “”She’s not that nice.”

His words ran together in a slur. “Ya knows her?”

“I do. I am Pam.”

His smile grew wide. “Hi. I was curious if you had any McDonald’s gift cards. So I could get me some lunch later on.”

Shaking my head I told him no, and that I was sorry.

He nodded, and lingered near me, turning back to speak. “You is nice though.”

In a bit, Cindy and I would find ourselves driving downtown. And while searching for my Frozen-themed (decorated) Kleenex in the car, Cindy came across a paper sack,

“What’s in here?”

“Oh, my goodness, I do have some gift cards. I got them yesterday when I spoke at that church.”

Within seconds, and I mean seconds, I passed the man whom I met earlier whose teeth were missing but not his smile. Swerving my car to the curb, I grabbed a few gift cards and leapt like a deer to the sidewalk.

My new friend stopped in his tracks. “Whatcha you doin’ Ms. Pam.”

“I wanted to show these to you.”

“Show me?”

“Yes. The Lord knew that today you would be right here. Right on this sidewalk. Right here standing in this sunshine. Right here.”

He squinted his eyes. “Uhhuh.”

“Remember how I didn’t have any gift cards. Well I found some in my car. I want you to have these.”

He lit up, and he coughed like something was stuck in his throat. “For me? Really?”

“Yes, just for you. And did you know the Lord was going to want me to ask you this?” I paused and put my hand to his chest.

He looked me in the eyes. “Ask me what Ms. Pam?”

I wanted to know if you are a believer and follower of Christ. I have to know.”

He wiped a tear which popped from his eyelid like a little river. “Ms. Pam, I be saved. I be saved a long time. I does love Jesus.”

Now I was crying. His words were the best. It’s like the angels sang in heaven. At least I heard them. Right then and right there. Right there on a sidewalk at that specific moment.

I listened to hope fall from his lips at being a Christian. At serving the risen Savior!

You know, I could have driven down any road. Driven on by this man walking on the road. A man who was alone. And I to think I found the gift cards right as I saw him on the road!!

The Lord’s grace and mercy fell into the morning like a gift card to my walk. And like a gift card to my friend.

He whispered as I moved to say goodbye, “See … you is nice.”

I smiled, “It’s the Lord who is beyond kind and nice to us.”

“You is right, Ms. Pam. You is right.”

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