From Cussing to Apology

He was the first homeless person I saw tonight, and he sat on the ground with his tote behind him, the bag propped up against the tree. His knees were bent, and his elbows were wrapped around his legs as he talked to another person.
I parked my car, sighing at how this homeless man reacts when
I’m around, his words harsh and crude at times. I stay out of his way but not always. I do try to talk to him but our success rate is very low.
But I was on a mission to deliver my day-late Valentine’s Day cards and I was determined to deliver the nearly one hundred pieces of candy too, to my other homeless friends.
So tonight, I hugged on dozens and dozens of new friends and old ones as they came from inside the Salvation Army to the lot across the street.
Each card was addressed to “Someone Special” from “The Lord.” Many loved them. Others smiled. A few put them inside their pockets. One man asked for a sucker.
Another loved the choices of having different chocolates. Another lady said, “I could use your prayers again.” And another couple asked me to help with specific needs, those I couldn’t personally solve, but I prayed with them instead.
Then from the grassy spot, the mouthy friend who seemingly enjoyed smarting off to me (in past months) came my way and hovered over me.
He spoke, “I know I’ve been a (bleep-bleep) to you. I shouldn’t have. I won’t be tonight. I’m sorry.”
I handed him some chocolate, of which he stuck several pieces into his pockets. He also unwrapped a red sucker, thanking me.
Walking away, he looked back at me over his shoulder, giving me the kindest smile. It lasted for what felt like days.
His smile flew into my soul like sweet sugar and it was as if friendship was unfolding. It was the perfect gift of the night. A memory captured on the card of life. I called to him. “Hey, I’ve got a card for you.”
He hollered back, “I don’t need one. I just needed to say I was sorry. And thanks for the candy.”
My bleep-bleep friend disappeared down the road and I found myself wiping a tear from my face as the wind of hope flew in at sunset. Goodness, he was the first person I saw tonight and then he was that last. But what he said to me was like a Valentine’s Day card to my heart!
I had expected harsh words and instead I received an apology. I cried at how kind the Lord is to me and how He allows me such great friends. And how He allows me great moments with them too!
Even the harsh ones are special! For they make glimpses of kindness pretty special!! And oh, so memorable!

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