Free Inside Prison!

Prison Freedom!

During Day with Dads at Telford Prison, I met some inmates, First, I met Bo. Then, I met Marquez, Zachary, Tony, and Sirgay. And I already knew William.

Bo has a gaze that’s far-reaching, but his eyes pierce as if he’s on a mission or quest. His eyes are constantly searching for ways to share Christ with someone. He showed me a magic trick with rubber bands, an illustration of bondage and freedom in Jesus.

Marquez carries the scars of two bullet wounds in his chest, a story of crime. But he credits his mother for her guidance even though he strayed. Her faith is something he remembers and treasures, and she used to work with the homeless. Something close to my heart, too. He came to faith in Christ while in prison, and he’s grateful his mother saw him changed and serving God.

Tony peers through his glasses as if observing and ready to preach at any moment. He labors for the Lord with a walk of faith, too.

And there’s Zachary, a quiet man, humble and purposed, who shook my hand at every turn.

And Sirgay, a tall lanky man whose presence takes you inside his heart, to the very spot where Christ changed his life. His joy is abundant and just standing next to him brings conversations of hope.

These first five men are pastors (they completed Bible college) for the Kingdom inside the walls of this prison, messengers to their fellow inmates of a saving grace found in Christ. What a mission field!

And there’s William, a servant who organizes, carries, plans, and acts. He may not be a pastor, but he’s missionary just the same, his heart compassionate and kind.

Free to Serve! Even in Prison!

I ponder their faces and as I type their names, I do so, to remember them in prayer this morning. I don’t want to forget them.

I love how it doesn’t matter where a head rests at night on whether a man or woman is free. But what matters is the ‘living water’ of Jesus pouring into a life to give such rest!

May my friends inside those walls abide in the Lord, and may their labor not be in vain, either. May they plant vineyards of fruit, where lives grow, where fellow inmates receive mercy and grace from Christ!

And yes, this is one of many of my memories from Day with Dads … friends who love Jesus and serve Him. May I learn from them and do the same!

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