Forgiving Two Rapists and a Molester

Yesterday at the recovery center with my ladies in rehab, we hung out in Psalm 27. Now verse one says, “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

Now before I shared this section of the Bible, and yes, we actually went through the entire 14 verses of Psalm 27, one of my girls embraced me with a hug of surrender, with whispered words that have stayed with me. They’re glued to my heart.

She spoke in my ear, “I’ve forgiven the man who molested me my entire life. I’ve also forgiven the two men who raped me. Your messages of Christ and forgiveness and light and salvation have been delivered. I’ve heard them. Christ has set me free. I’m free to lean on Christ and live without that burden. Do you hear me? Look what Jesus has done for me. He saved me and delivered me.”

We lingered in that embrace and she repeated, “Do you hear me? Your teachings on Christ have been heard.”

For weeks and weeks, she’s attended services. I’ve spoken with her a few times. I’ve encouraged her. I’ve laughed with her. I’ve picked on her. I’ve listened to her. I’ve become her friend. And she is mine.

But I had no idea how deep and wide and horrible the hurts of her life were, how many wounds she carried. I don’t often know how many struggles or sufferings have fallen in on the girls. I know they’re wounded. I just don’t know how deep the cuts go inside their lives.

So to hear her speak that in my ear, to see her countenance, to witness such a glorious moment that only comes from God, overwhelmed me. Truly! And I wept, almost to the point of praise that felt all-consuming, like joy bursting from my soul.

After all, Christ rescued and redeemed her life! He saved her!

As a teacher for Christ, I pray the messages I share with others sound better than I say them. I pray God plants them into hearts and minds, so they hear HIM, and not me.

I know my frailty. I know my weaknesses. I’m not a theologian. But I do know the message I bring, the gospel of Jesus Christ is a part of who I am, and must be shared. The gospel is piercing and life-changing. I know Christ is the One who calls to a heart, who gives ears to hear, and eyes to see. He saves. He is light. He is our stronghold.

Yes, the light of Christ shone brightly in our service! The hope in Christ abounded! The life of a soul was redeemed! A girl was not only forgiven, and made new in Christ! She forgave those who hurt her!

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