Drive Downtown Texarkana / Scenes in Untied Shoelace

During the terror of the Phantom Killer, Burhman Pharr ran out of bullets.

Hart Drugs made it into the novel.

In the novel, the Phantom Killer was held in this building. He may or may not have been the murderer.

This post includes some of the places that made it inside the pages of “United Shoelace” and gave the story the historical location of Texarkana, both the Arkansas side and the Texas side of this town.

I spent nearly two years wandering the roads, cemeteries, and the rail to capture images inside my head for the book. I fell in love with the history and with the old-fashioned glory of the rusty buildings and overgrown spots where homes once stood, where murders took places, and where life rose from the ashes of the Phantom Killer who placed fear in the lives of those from that era.

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