Do We Cry From the Depths of our Hearts?

Psalm 130 ... Plentiful Redemption in Christ!

This post is for the one who is going through a season of crying … or a season of sorrow … or a season of loss.

Have you wept until no tears were left? I mean, the kind of crying where you seek God and you’re pleading for Him to hear you? To help you?

In Psalm 130, I see someone crying, asking to be heard, seeking help. This person is crying from the depths of his heart in those eight verses. Is that you? Can you see yourself on the pages of your Bible?

Would you need more than eight verses to plead and pour your heart out to God? Or are you being confronted with how you can know God through this season of your life?

Do you find yourself saying, “Save me, God. I’m sinking and the flood of pain and doubt and circumstances are sweeping over me?”

You know, Jonah cried out in such a way. It’s the only time he really cried from such a deep place, in a moment when he was in the depths of running away from God.

John Owen, a theologian once wrote (I’ve paraphrased), “The Lord was pleased to visit me with sore affliction by which I was brought to the mouth of the grave, under which my soul was oppressed with horror and darkness. Oh, Lord hear me, help me, save me.”

So, if we call for help, let’s call to the One who can do something. If we long to be heard, let’s speak to the One who can hear. Only Christ can stand on a boat and say, “Peace be still,” and stormy waters listen.

Take the man who is paralyzed and the others who bring him to Christ, and he’s lowered down through the roof, and Jesus forgives his sins!

Now the four men brought him for a physical healing, and the man received a spiritual healing, instead.

We are like these men as we try to fix things fifty different ways, when only one thing matters – mercy and grace from God. Forgiveness of our sins! Thus, we are healed!

It’s not about the notion of what I don’t do that makes me right with God. It’s not about the notion of what I do for God, either.

My acceptance of Christ is found in Him. May we cry out to Him for mercy and forgiveness, and may our sorrow or sadness or even sickness send us to our Savior.

He offers us “plentiful” redemption, with a steadfast love. He offers us His forgiveness but at a great cost! On that cross! May we acknowledge our need of Him! And find healing for our soul!

“O Israel, hope in the Lord! For with the Lord there is steadfast love, and with him is plentiful redemption.” Psalms 130:7 ESV

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