Confused at the Deli Counter

I had a first. I bought sliced meat at the deli for sandwiches. Now I figured you could learn from me, or laugh at me, or something. For you see, I’m all for New Year’s Resolutions, but when it comes to life in general and the basic tasks like shopping; well, I tend to lag behind regular folks,
Here’s how part of it went:
“Hi, I would like some ham and turkey.”
The lady behind the rows and columns of meat asked, “Which type? We have plenty to choose from.”
“Type? I have to pick? Just turkey and ham.”
She pointed, “No, you have to pick.”
“Hmm. What do you like?”
She shook her head. “I like … ” She named off brands I’ve never heard of, and don’t remember.
I smiled, “Give me what you like. You can pick for me.”
“But I’m not eating with you.”
“You could, if you want. We’re having turkey and ham sandwiches.”
“I know.” She shook her head. “I’ll pick it out for you.”
Her voice had a tick sound, like she couldn’t wait for me to leave, but there wasn’t another person at the deli. I was her only customer.
I nodded. “That sounds great.”
She placed the ham on this slicer machine and turned to look at me. “How much?”
“How much do I want?”
“Yes. How much?”
“Umm. Give me 10 slices of each. Ten ham. Ten turkey.”
The oddest smile and shaking of the head took place again, and I finally received my two tiny packets of sliced meat.
I had one last question, and pointed at the roast beef. “Do people like this roast beef?”
She glanced down. “No, not really. Well, it’s me, I don’t care for roast beef.”
I giggled. “Well, then I don’t think I’ll get any of that.”
As I walked away from the deli, I realized I didn’t have enough meat for our group of seven to make sandwiches, unless they only eat one. Gosh, I’ll have to go back for more slices.
Now since my trip to the deli, I’ve also learned that most people order their deli cuts by the pound. Well, not me! I order what the employee likes and invite her to dinner!
So if you’re going to the store anytime soon, you can buy me some turkey and ham. And please do get what you like, and come on over for sandwiches. Then we can make our list of resolutions for the New Year, which I’m sure includes you ‘not’ shopping with me! Or standing next to me when I’m ordering at the deli!

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