Christ Can Change a Drug Addict’s Heart!

This post is for the person who thinks it’s over … but needs a reminder that Christ can change anyone.

My friend in recovery gave up her passion for teaching by making bad choices and by compromising. First, she smoked pot, hiding it for years. Then her boyfriend used meth, and she figured that she could resist his drug use, only to fail such a test.

Soon she was injecting meth herself, and thinking it would not affect her job. Or her responsibilities. Or others. But she was wrong.

She lost her job. Then her home. And she said meth was like injecting the devil into her veins. She was aware of the evil it did to her, unable to conquer the addiction on her own.

She was trapped. Lost. And stuck in the undercurrent of secrets, criminal behavior, and a sinful lifestyle.

So upon her arrest and realization of her need for help, she asked for a mandatory live-in facility. She wanted accountability and supervised counseling and guidance.

She was worn out from hiding, from sleeping in her mother’s driveway at night. From jumping from hotel to hotel, and fix to fix. She couldn’t believe she went through her entire retirement of $55,000 in only a few weeks. It was like sand in her fingers.

The waves of worry and doubt and loss and discontentment rushed in, and she longed for peace. She didn’t know she’d find Christ calling to her in recovery, either.

These days, she has a desire to reach out and to help other addicts and lost souls. She also hopes to give back to her community. And she prays she’ll teach again. Because she has found her joy in Christ and her smile has returned.

Sure, her regrets linger. But her future is calling to her, with a fresh new start.
She is grateful for recovery too, for this sweet new season. She’s calm. She’s finding hope. She’s leaning on God. And she’s challenged to conquer the day with righteous living.

And God is using her to help others along the way. She’s tutoring girls (right now) to help

them get their GEDs.

Yes, her life matters. It’s not wasted. And her steps are guided by God. He’s found her.

He’s put her in service to others. And she’s … she’s new in Him. Redeemed!

She’s ever so grateful, too. And she’s ever so mindful of how precious today is, and how blessed she is to know her Savior. She’s thankful He called to her and saved her and delivered her.

Her rescue is at hand. Her obedience to the Lord is unfolding! And she has found peace! A peace that passes all understanding!

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