Annie Grace Kree Chronicles

Six Novels / Murder Mysteries to Bring Life to the Reader's Heart

A hobo girl, Annie Grace Kree (Nickname: Shoelace) falls into the path of the Phantom Killer in Texarkana, in 1946. In the first five novels of the series, Shoelace, will become a messenger of hope, but not before she sees, forgets, and remembers the face of the killer from her childhood. She comes face-to-face with […]

A hobo girl stumbles across the Phantom Killer in 1946, meets the Choctaw girls at Wheelock Academy, runs into ghosts in Jefferson, Texas, and meets a killer in Washington, Arkansas. By book five, she’ll find out why she was kidnapped, and stop the baby stealer of Memphis, Tennessee. And 30 years later in books six, she solves the cold case of the Phantom Killer when the film “The Town that Dreaded Sundown” begins its taping in Texarkana.