Joy Peeking from the Mini Blind in the Hospital

Of Hospital Rooms I marched to the hospital room, the small blind on the room’s door revealing eyes that were watching me. As I reached for the handle, it swung open, and the giggle behind the door gave me a clue to how joy rises up in unexpected places. Inside, I greeted the family of […]

100 Christmas Cards for Alcoholic!

Empty Christmas Bag I met Mike last week as he panhandled for fifty cents. (That blog post is on my website. It ends with me giving him a Christmas card.) Well, today, I carried 100 Christmas cards to the Recovery Center, so my girls could write verses and notes to Mike. So during worship, the […]

A Bridge to Hearts

Church under the Bridge Texarkana

On Saturday mornings in Texarkana, TX, Pastor Cody Howard positions himself on a flatbed trailer facing his congregation. It’s a place for the homeless to gather for church services each week, beneath a bridge at 3rd and 4th Streets. Yes, church is held even in the rain. Or in the sweltering heat of summer. Or […]

Honest Beggar Admits He’s an Alcoholic!

I found him … the man who begged for fifty cents! Man Begging See, earlier I had parked my car, waiting for the lanky gent to wobble between the cars. But instead, he tapped on my window, mouthing something at me. Holding up my finger, like correcting a child, it was like I said, “Just […]

Be a Hand Warmer for Others

Blankets for Friends I called toward the flames coming from the campfire at the bottom of the hill, yelling to my homeless friends. Before they answered, someone called to me from the other side of the bridge. “Hey Lady! Who are you looking for?” Standing by the trunk of my car, I answered the shadow. […]

An Angel Carries a Bread Box

A Planned Stop This post is a reminder that when you feel stranded, God can send someone to save you! Tonight, I drove across this bridge to pass out burgers and blankets to my homeless friends, to a group who live off the side of the embankment in the woods. Now I’d already visited the […]

Homeless Sign Hides the Person

Should We Help the Homeless? “Usually.” That’s the word I heard in my head after asking myself if I should stop and help a homeless man who held a sign that read: I am hungry. I pulled through the parking lot for a coffee at McDonald’s, and pondered the idea, knowing full well, I had […]

Her Choices Aren’t Mine to Make

Do you have more questions than answers? When the result doesn’t play out like I hoped, I find my questions don’t have easy answers. So, I stop myself, for the ‘real answer’ is not about what I can do. Or didn’t do. It’s about what God can do. And is doing. He’s sovereign, and His […]