Homeless Man Teaches Me about Compassion

  For the person who thinks we have nothing to learn about compassion … I just hope your eye doesn’t get infected. Or maybe, I do. Here’s why: On a Saturday, I’d spent the day committed to street ministry, to loving on my homeless friends. I stopped on street corners and hung out at the […]

Wadded up Verse in Homeless Man’s Wallet!

Appointed Time I joined my homeless friend on the trail, and he looked at me. “I’m late for Church under the Bridge, aren’t I?” “Yes. But our meeting each other is perfect.” He pulled his wallet from his pocket, the papers inside were like one big blob. “I have a prescription and need it filled. […]

Three Bibles Are My Favorite

I grabbed three Bibles, praying the Lord would guide me to the persons who needed them one night as I headed to the street to love on the homeless. But first, before heading to the streets, I drove to the grocery store, knowing the temperature of 90 degrees meant my homeless friends might be a […]

Stranded on Mother’s Day! Or not!

So, I stopped at Albertsons to buy some carnations after leaving the recovery center. The man in line in front of me had flowers too, and the woman behind me. And the next three people. He let me go ahead and the other lady and the others. I announced to the man, “You’re never going […]