Lord, Break Down our Hard Shell

Praise Begins She used sign language for a song this morning in recovery. And everyone wept. Another girl sang too, along with two others. And everyone, some sixty of us joined in singing, too, as the room becoming a river of tears as our hearts praised God, and we worshiped. A new girl shared how […]

Shutdown the Hugs!

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No Hugs For many weeks we had not hugged. For many weeks the girls were on shutdown. But also, for many weeks we (thankfully) gathered to hold church in spite of their punishment. Thus, the Word of God was shared even in the limited movement at the recovery center. As I entered the center after […]

I have one of my girls in recovery who will not graduate for sometime, but she’s planning to ‘sign’ the lyrics to this song for a deaf family member who is expected to attend her graduation down the road.

She’s planning to start practicing this presentation next week in our morning service. I expect when she does this, I’ll cry and find my joy overflowing with praise! That I’ll find joy rising up like a burst of hope from within my heart! That I’ll sing along for sure!

Life is filled with wonder. Life is filled with opportunity to shine. To change. To make a difference. To give the Lord glory. To reveal the hope inside one’s soul. I can’t wait to witness her signing this song!

Now, this version takes me to my knees for sure …


Christ Can Change a Drug Addict’s Heart!

This post is for the person who thinks it’s over … but needs a reminder that Christ can change anyone. My friend in recovery gave up her passion for teaching by making bad choices and by compromising. First, she smoked pot, hiding it for years. Then her boyfriend used meth, and she figured that she […]

Do you over analyze everything?

So this post is for … the one who thinks too much and analyzes everything. Drooping Life Gwen (not her real name) slumped in her chair making constant twitches with her shoulders, making them droop. She turned her face away, whenever I made eye contact. And wiped her eyes like they were leaking sorrow and […]

People You Don’t See

  Dee has stolen from stores, ran from officers, fell in a parking lot while fleeing, and spent time in jail. She’s rented her house out to people who made counterfeit money, and found herself in jail, again. And yes, she’s sold drugs. Used drugs. And hidden drugs. She’s enjoyed the nicer things. Not that […]

Shutdown in Rehab! Surrendered Hearts!

At times, my girls in recovery are in what’s called, shutdown. Actions are limited. Extra privileges cut off. Time is spent quietly doing certain tasks. Or spent doing no tasks. And conversations are limited, too. Thankfully, I can hold a church service for the ladies, and it’s so great, because many who might not normally […]

Weary and Worn, Worship and Win

Long gray hair, weary eyed, and slumped over. This dear older woman in rehab caught my attention week after week. It’s as if she could have folded her shoulders across her chest with the way she bent over in her chair. So when she wept and prayed with her hands crossed, leaning on her knees […]

Drug Dealer Faces His Druggies

A new girl raised her hand to share a testimony at the close of our service at the recovery center, and the time was near—I needed to close the service for the morning. But her tears, those streaming down her face for most of the teaching told me, her words were necessary, her heart exploding […]

Go and Sin No More! Rehab Lessons!

Not long ago, Skyler (not her real name) dealt with a situation that could have hindered her graduation from recovery. It also held the real possibility that she might go to prison. She sought God, prayed, told the truth in the matter, and thought she’d jeopardized her past eleven months at the recovery center. I […]