Catching a Homeless Guy Took God Directing My Steps

There He Is

While eating lunch with hubby, I saw a man riding a bike as he cut through a field across the way. His orange jacket caught my attention through the window and I knew it was him.

Earlier, I had followed this guy, as I made my way around town, when I hoped to pray with someone on the street.

I couldn’t quite catch him as he zigzagged between buildings, because whenever I got close, he zagged. Thus, I’d lost him about 30-minutes prior to meeting my hubby for lunch. So I stuck the scripture cards and McDonald’s cards in my car door. The ones for him.

So, when I saw him out that window, I told my hubby. “If that guy comes our way I’m running outside to the car.” And not only did he come near us, he came inside and picked up an application for a job. And he promptly disappeared out the door, with me on his heels.

Don’t Let Him Get Away

Outside, I called to him, or sort of ordered. “Don’t leave. Stay right there.”

Within seconds, I was explaining how I had tried to catch him and how apparently the Lord brought “him” to me instead. How I had something for him.

The man quoted me scripture before I shared even one verse with him. He recited, 1 Peter 5:7 about casting our cares on Christ. He said, “I can live in fear or in

faith. I choose faith.”

I spent a few minutes chatting with C. and by the time I went back inside, I could barely contain myself. I was bursting with joy. After all, I had chased that guy and lost him twice. But God, He, made one perfect and calculated destination appointment and arrival time, for each of us.

Because minutes before I drove to that restaurant, I didn’t know I was going there—until hubby’s text came through on my phone.

So I had lunch. Hubby had lunch. And our new friend had lunch! And I received wise counsel from a man on a bike who just got back into town after 30 years.

Talk about perfect timing! God’s way is so much better than mine!

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